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6 Top Career Options after B Tech Engineering

B Tech Engineering

Chances of employment right after college depends on various factors, such as undervalued majors, high competition, less work experience, no technical skills, lack of networking skills, and many more. Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) is a four-year undergraduate programme that provides an upper hand in the global job market. In fact, engineering is one of the most in-demand bachelor’s degree programmes that promises to improve career trajectory and add value to a student’s resume. 

Many students pursue B Tech engineering as a career in this fastest-growing field is held in high esteem and offer lucrative benefits. Also, engineers are well paid as they contribute to the public’s well-being. So, we will discuss the most in-demand engineering jobs after college.

6 in-demand career options for engineering graduates

The following are the most promising career options in engineering:

Automation and robotics engineer

The world is consistently moving towards automation as it has proved its significance in productivity improvement, reduced labour costs, and quality enhancement. Therefore, automation and robotics engineers are in high demand to design and create robots. These professionals possess skill sets to manipulate and process robotic actions necessary to speed up manufacturing. According to, the average salary for an automation engineer is INR 8.2 lakh per year in India.

Data scientist

The latest report by the US Bureau of Labour Statistics suggests that the employment of data scientists will grow by 36% by 2031. A steep rise in the demand for data scientists is due to the emanation of data from various sources in a massive volume. Data scientists solve complex business problems and help businesses make well-informed decisions by translating raw data into meaningful information. As per Glassdoor, a data scientist in India makes INR 10,00,000 yearly.

Project engineer

Many engineering graduates eye project manager roles as they look after all aspects of a project, from planning and execution to monitoring and closure. They ensure the completion of a project safely and efficiently. They possess excellent IT skills, organisational skills, confidence, communication, and the ability to meet deadlines. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a project manager in India is INR 16 lakh per year.

Petroleum engineer

Petroleum engineers are among the most in-demand engineering professionals. They are offered good remuneration packages to produce hydrocarbons. Upon completing B Tech courses, students can land jobs in government sectors, such as the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited. The starting salary for a petroleum engineering role is INR 8.2 lakh per annum in India.

Civil engineer

Infrastructure development is one of the top priorities of the government. Therefore, civil engineers are in high demand to build and maintain infrastructures like roads, buildings, airports, and bridges. The average salary for a civil engineer in India is INR 7 lakh per annum.

Biomedical engineer

Biomedical engineers are mainly involved in developing solutions for various biological and medical problems. They interact with patients and doctors to create reports. Entry-level biomedical engineers make INR 2.31 lakh per annum.

Interested students considering a career in engineering can opt for a B Tech course in top engineering schools for high-quality education and good campus placement. Apply now!

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