4 Essential Boat Maintenance Tips

Boat maintenance

Did you know that being near the water can make you feel more at peace and potentially even lower your heart rate? One of the best ways to take advantage of these benefits is by buying a new boat that you can enjoy all year long. 

However, if you don’t know how to properly take care of your boat, this will only result in more headaches. Continue reading to learn the most important boat maintenance tips so your boat will last for years. 

1. Keep Your Boat Clean

As a new boat owner, you may not realize the toll that water takes on your boat’s exterior. If you don’t keep it clean, eventually your boat’s exterior finish will start to break down, leading to unsightly scratches. 

As a good rule of thumb, here are a few cleaning tasks you should never skip:

  • Applying wax or polish to the exterior twice per season
  • Washing the canvas surfaces of your boat with soap and water
  • Wiping down seats with a clean, damp cloth after every use

Don’t forget to keep your boat covered while you’re not using it to help keep it clean between outings. 

2. Maintain the Engine

Just like you need to occasionally check your car’s engine, you need to do the same thing for your boat. Fortunately, preventative maintenance can go a long way in improving your engine’s longevity. 

Before you head out on the water, do the following:

  • Check to make sure you have enough fuel
  • Check the engine mount screw clamps to make sure they’re secure
  • Clear any debris from the water intake
  • Make sure nothing is caught on your propeller

Once you come back, be sure to flush the motor. This will help eliminate debris and dirt that collected while you were on the water. 

3. Be Mindful of the Battery

If your battery isn’t in good shape, then your engine simply won’t start. It’s a good idea to check the battery at least once per year at a minimum. However, if you’re going out often during boating season, you should check it more frequently. 

It’s natural for batteries to degrade over time, but if you notice corrosion buildup on the connectors, use a wire brush to clear it off. 

4. Remember That You Don’t Have to Do It All Yourself

At the end of the day, boating should be fun. It shouldn’t feel like yet another chore that you need to keep up with. If you think that these boat maintenance tips sound like too much work to take on, consider joining a boat club instead. 

Most clubs include maintenance, storage, and repairs in their fees, so you can enjoy the fun of a boat without any of the work. Click the link to view more about how joining a boat club can handle boat maintenance tasks for you.

The Importance of Boat Maintenance

The simple fact of the matter is that if you don’t prioritize boat maintenance, your boat won’t last, leading to frustration and headaches down the line. Whether you do it yourself or enlist the help of a professional, keep your boat in good shape so you can enjoy it for years. 

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