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6 Ideas for Your Next Girls’ Night

Girls' Night

There’s nothing quite like spending a Friday or Saturday night with your close friends. It can be challenging to find a time when everyone is free, which makes those nights all the more special. In some cases, planning a girls’ night may feel overwhelming if you’re unsure which activities you should include.

That’s where we come in. We’ve put together a helpful list of activities that are perfect for any girls’ night.

Make it a Game Night

One of the best ways to connect with friends is by including activities that the entire group can engage with. Game nights are the perfect solution. You have the freedom to choose the games that fit your group’s dynamic — whether you enjoy classic board games, trivia-based games, or perhaps you’re looking to draw inspiration from a new GAME NIGHT series. Put out some snacks and drinks and let the games begin.

DIY Spa Night

Why spend a lot of money at a fancy spa when you can bring the spa to you. If you ever spent nights painting your friends’ nails as a child, an adult DIY spa is another level. Get creative and set out a variety of sections — face masks in one area, manicures and pedicures in another — and pamper yourselves from head to toe.

Cook Together

Cooking can be a great bonding activity with friends since there are so many types of cuisine you can make together. For your next girls’ night, choose one meal or a series of appetizers and make it a group activity. Have one person prep ingredients and divide the cooking responsibilities evenly. Everyone will feel like they’re a part of the night. Throw on your favorite playlist for added ambience and experience the satisfaction of making a meal together with your friends.

Girls' Night

Nostalgia Night

There’s nothing better than reliving fun memories from the past. Break out those leg warmers, band tees, or whatever outfits you wore as kids and throw a nostalgia night. Choose a selection of movies that you watched together — or separately if you didn’t grow up together — and relive those iconic moments. Dressing up in your favorite outfits will add a special element to the festivities.

Try a New Activity Together

You don’t have to venture out of the house to learn something new. For your next girls’ night, consider picking an activity that none of you have tried before. If you’re looking for something that gets your body moving without breaking a sweat, try a virtual yoga class. If you want to challenge your minds, find a virtual trivia game or break out your inner performer and put on a karaoke playlist.

Have a Clothing Swap

If you haven’t cleaned out your closet in some time, why not get your best girlfriends together for a clothing swap. Everyone brings as many items as they’d like that they were looking to get rid of or donate and your group can swap amongst yourselves and find new treasures that’ll go to a good home. For an added bonus — have everyone model their new pieces in an at-home fashion show.

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