6 Must-Have Things To Keep In The Trunk Of Your Car

Trunk Of Your Car

Sooner or later every car owner thinks about putting things in order and sorting out the trunk of his car. After all, very often it happens that we carry unnecessary stuff with us, using the trunk only as a place to store purchases. However, experienced car owners always keep in their vehicles a certain set of things that can unexpectedly come in handy and help out during an unexpected situation. Perhaps you may not use these items on a daily basis, but failures, as you know, always occur unexpectedly. However, if you have a certain set of things with you, the malfunctions can be easily repaired. 

1. Spare tire

The next important thing that should be in the trunk of every driver is a spare tire. This is especially necessary for those who are traveling long distances. Especially nowadays when it’s summertime and the season of vacation and road trips is in its full swill. In case you would like to try something new and travel on your own, we definitely recommend you rent a car abroad. There are plenty of companies which offer rental services, in case you google for one of those you’ll immediately find the renty.ae site. Recently this automobile company has been reaching popularity among the tourists, due to the wide choice of cars for rent they provide you with. For a little sum of money, you could find a car for every color and taste. 

By the way, in order for you to be able to change a punctured tire, there must be a wheel wrench and a jack in your vehicle as well. Nowadays, every car store has a wide range of different car compressors. Putting such a compressor in the trunk you can always pump up the wheels on the road, as the compressor can be powered by a lightener or a battery.

2. First aid kit

Without a doubt, the most vital thing that should be in your car trunk is a first aid kit in your trunk. In fact, you never know when accidents may happen. Remember that your first aid kit should contain such items as adhesive tape, bandages, gloves, plasters, and certain medications. Be sure to put pills that relieve pain and cramps. Never neglect a set of all the medications you need, as one day they could be life-saving

3. Emergency stop sign and fire extinguisher

According to the traffic rules, it is obligatory to have an emergency stop sign and a fire extinguisher in the trunk of every car. These items are mandatory, and in case you don’t have them, a traffic police officer can give you a heavy fine. Therefore, be sure to carry these two items with you at all times.

4. Tow rope

Every driver at least once in his life faces a situation when he needs to help with towing someone else’s car or his own. For this reason, a tow rope is another must-have. Remember that the rope must be high quality, otherwise, it can tear.

5. Extra engine 

Make sure you have plenty of engine oil in your trunk. This is because the oil level used to fall below the average rate quite often. There should also be a canister of antifreeze or ash in your trunk. After all, in the summer the car can overheat at the most inconvenient moment.

6. Set of tools

Don’t forget to put a set of wrenches and screwdrivers that are essential for every driver. Also, keep a few rags in your car so you can wipe your hands with them. Be sure to have a clean rag that you can use to clean the windows in rainy weather.

Therefore, we can conclude that the trunk should always contain necessary and useful items. You should keep in mind that the list of these items may be supplemented depending on the individual needs of a driver. Still, all of the things listed above are a necessity not a preference. Go ahead and check your trunk to make sure it has everything you need. Good luck!