Best Countries to Study Abroad After Covid-19

Study Abroad After Covid-19

Current Global Scenario:

The global pandemic of Covid-19 touched every aspect of human life. There has been no area of our lives affected by the pandemic. The economies all around the world felt the adverse effect of the disease. The academic world also went through a total and irreversible change.

The concept of physical classes in schools and colleges could not take place. The teachers deliberated their lessons with the means of online platforms. In the time of total lockdown, any movement was suspended indefinitely, followed by localized restrictions and social distancing protocols. 

Due to the pandemic, there were innumerable cases of loss of jobs and reduction of income. The parents became wary of availing of personal loans for higher education with the apprehension of not repaying the loan.

Many colleges and universities are popular destinations for overseas students. Every year, a significant influx of students get enrolled on their rosters, hoping for a bright career ahead. 

That dream of studying abroad almost became a non-existent dream. Different countries introduced Covid-19 related restrictions. Hence, the academic institutions had to alter their admission criteria, procedures, and overall policies for enrolling overseas candidates.

What is the Way Forward?

Does the pandemic have proven to be the death toll in the minds of aspiring candidates? Is the end of the road for “studying abroad” a dream? Not so; financial institutions offer loans at attractive personal loan interest rates meant explicitly for higher studies.

Best Countries to Study Abroad After Covid-19:

Some countries have come out to be the best choices for the candidates who aspire to study abroad. The prime reason for the same is the Covid-19 related safety norms adopted by that country. 

Another reason, of course, is the overall pandemic situation in that country. Some such countries include:

1. New Zealand:

New Zealand came out as a winner in the pandemic. They had zero reported cases and had maintained the record all through. This makes New Zealand one of the most preferred countries for education.

Also, New Zealand offers a relatively low cost of living to the candidates. Many good universities like the University of Auckland have excellent science, humanities, and engineering programs.

2. Canada:

Canada has always been a popular student destination, universities like the University of Toronto offer state-of-the-art education systems. The country has always maintained a flexible immigration policy which has been friendly to the students coming in from different countries.

3. Australia:

Australia boasts of several educational institutions offering state-of-the-art courses for students. Also, some institutions in Australia are offering rebates on student fees, making the country an attractive destination for studies.

4. United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom has been a traditionally popular student destination. In all the faculties, arts, science, medical, and engineering, the United Kingdom has universities of repute. The Universities of Oxford and Cambridge deserve special mention in this regard.

5. Denmark:

Denmark scores very high in the happiness index as a country. Denmark has universities like the University of Copenhagen that offer contemporary programs relevant to modern-day expectations.

In conclusion, one may say that despite the global pandemic, which turned things upside down, our lives are coming back to normal. Likewise, opportunities to go abroad, study in world-class universities, and fulfill your life’s dream are getting opened up.

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