Disney Vacation Members: Everything You Need To Know About DVC Discount Tickets

Disney Vacation Members

As a lover of the Disney franchise, you will know that there is a significant opportunity to save. For those that don’t, we will enlighten you on the savings that a DVC member can take advantage of. 

Over the years, the members have enjoyed discount tickets, and they could enjoy feeling like a VIP. Unfortunately, there are no unique ticket offers for DVC members to any of the Disney parks as of this year and the next. 

However, it would help if you didn’t give up hope because there are other options that you can take when you want to know how members can purchase at a discount

Affiliate Sites Can Help

When you have the help of a trust affiliate site, you will notice that you can purchase tickets at a severe discount. You can get a pass for three days and over. In addition to this, you’ll find that you can save up to eighty dollars per ticket. The tickets include the Park Hopper, Base, Park Hopper Plus, and Genie+. 

Purchasing the DVC tickets is simple and doesn’t take long. You select the number of days you want. You can choose between three and ten. Choose the ticket option you want from the list we gave you above before selecting the number of people coming with you. Then you pick your first day in the parks and then add the tickets to your cart before checking out. 

Disneyland, they haven’t offered a DVC promo for years. However, using another trust affiliate site, you will find that you can purchase discounted tickets. They can provide you with over twenty dollars in savings on Annual Passes. In addition to this, they offer the best price guarantee on the tickets they sell.

DVC member discount tickets may be hard to find, but with the affiliate for Disneyland, you can find the discounts the same as you would with Disney World. Choose the ticket type and the days you want to go, add the adults and children to the group, and pay for your tickets. Your eTickets will come to your email after you have purchased them, and they will allow you to skip the box office and exchange and go straight to the gate with your printed tickets.

Avoid Scams And Liars 

Like any option that has you pay online, you must ensure that the provider is a genuine affiliate. With Disney, there are a lot of companies that say they are legitimate, though they are not. For example, free tickets don’t exist. Anyone who claims that they do is lying. Half-priced keys don’t exist either. The most reputable discount you will be able to get is twenty percent (unless you’re military’). 

Never meet someone in an area that is unsafe. Suppose a ticket seller wants to meet you in a fast-food parking lot or a roadside stand. Parking garages are another area that you should avoid and unsavory alleyways. The only safe places are ones you know you can trust. In addition to this, you should avoid certain websites as well. 

Craigslist, for example, is a horrible site to go to. The tickets are fake, and people have been robbed to get a good deal for their families. Many people have lost out on thousands of dollars or hurt trying to meet up with people.

Other avenues that you should avoid are places like eBay. Like Craigslist, the tickets you get here are fake, and you can’t use them. Selling apps have attempted this as well, and when it happens, people lose their money when the apps refuse to give them a refund. Because Disney is not obligated to do anything here, they won’t. 

DVC Member Discount Tickets And The Military 

You can get discounted tickets that save you half off or more when you are in the military as an active or retired member (honorably discharged veterans don’t count). The best way to get them is through the ITT office. This is a ticket office that is located on a military base. The servicemember can buy up to six tickets (the Park Hopper or a variety of others), and they must be present at the park when you show the tickets at the gate. The best part? The ITT is knowledgeable about the park and can tell you the best rides and give you brochures to say to you about the park.

DVC Annual Passes 

You can take many options when you come to Disney, and an Annual Pass makes the best sense. The passes are offered each year and can provide significant savings. Each opportunity is unique, but unfortunately, many are unavailable. We will show you the currently available passes to ensure that you have the best information possible about DVC member discount tickets. 

The unavailable passes are varied, but many have not come back. Some are sold out for the foreseeable future, and they have no return date in place yet. That is due to the park limiting the number of people that can come in with the Park Pass Reservation System. While the system was put in place during the pandemic, Disney has decided to keep it, and now guests have to make a park reservation for each day of their visit.

As the system is here to stay, people need to become familiar with it and understand that this also means that some of the annual passes may not be available for quite some time. The prices of these passes were updated this month and are subject to change.

The Pixie Dust Pass 

The Pixie Dust Pass is for residents of Florida only and will cost four hundred dollars. It lets you have admission to one or more parks, Monday through Friday, at specific points of the year with an advanced park reservation. The pass can hold three reservations at once, you should always check availability, as there are blackout dates during the peak seasons. Holiday times of the year will also have that issue. However, you will receive a discount on merchandise, select dining, and standard theme parking.

Key Passes Offer Help For The Public

For the general public, there are DVC Magic Key discounts. Most of them have already been sold out, and like the passes, they may not be coming back. With the reservation system in place, there are very few days available for the key holders to utilize. As most reservations are given to ticket holders, that should be where you start. You will likely obtain a successful reservation by getting a regular ticket at a discounted price, as we have shown you above. However, two key passes haven’t sold out as of yet. 

The Imagine Key For Disneyland

The Imagine Key is four hundred dollars, but it is only available for residents of the Southern California area. The zip codes that you need to be within are 90000 to 93599. With this key, you have discounts on select dining and select merchandise, you can hold up to two theme park reservations at once, and you have reservation-based admission to one or both of the theme parks on select days throughout the year. 

The Enchant Key

The Enchant Key will set you back six hundred and fifty dollars. Like the Imagine Key, you have a ten percent discount on select dining and select merchandise. However, you can hold up to four theme park reservations at once instead of two, and you still have reservation-based admission to either park during special days throughout the year. Most people enjoy that the key passes are available, but they wish the dates were more flexible as it creates an issue. 

Always Check The Site 

You can always check the site when you want to ensure that you can obtain DVC member discount tickets. It will have the latest in promotions, and it can be a great way to save. If you don’t see anything on the site, they are unavailable. You can look at affiliate sites and see if they have any left when this happens. 

DVC Member Discount Tickets Are Becoming A Rarity 

As we have shown you above, the DVC member discount tickets are becoming a bit of a rarity. However, you can find other options that are still available and work with the reservation system that the park has in place. While the annual passes may be leaving the parks indefinitely, you can still take advantage of trusted sites that won’t leave you in the cold or out hundreds of dollars for nothing. Remember, if you are a service member, you have unique options. 

When you want to come to the park and have a great vacation, keep these tips in mind before you begin planning. You can still save money and have a wonderful time, and it will just take some finessing. Be more innovative and more creative, and you’ll experience the wonder of the parks sooner than you think.