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Helping Customers Discover New Foods at Your Grocery Store

Grocery Store

The deepest level of our relationship to the foods we eat usually relates to the kinds of things that our families serve. When you are a child, there’s so much new about the world; consequently, you are open to all kinds of new experiences – especially trying new things to eat. As we all get older, that openness is usually rare. 

The result is that it can be challenging to get adults to try new foods. The most unfortunate part of this fact is that the world, and its tremendous variety of cultures, seems to offer an unending supply of delicious new kinds of foods to enjoy. 

How Can a Grocery Store Help People Enjoy New Things?

As the owner of a grocery store, you can do your part in helping your customers to become interested in new foods that they may come to enjoy immensely. As a store owner or manager, you can increase your sales greatly by introducing a new food item to your customers that they grow to love. This will also increase traffic to your store since people will arrive in an attempt to find other wonderful new items. 

What is the best way to encourage customers to try new food? Here are a few suggestions you can try out: 

Pick a Delicious Item

If the item you’ve decided to sell is not incredibly delicious from the very first bite onward, it isn’t going to gain much admiration from your customers. In this case, your marketing plan will have backfired since your customers will associate your store with bad suggestions. To avoid this pitfall, make sure you pick out something delicious. 

Free Samples

If you want a customer to try out a new product and you’re selling a food item, there’s no better strategy than to offer it to them for free right in the store. One of the benefits of this method is that the customer gets a chance to see how the food is prepared in case they are unsure what to do with it when they return home. 

You can also offer cooking accessories or appropriate complementary foods on display nearby. 

Upgrade Your Display Cases

No one will be interested in taking your advice on a great, new food in your display shelving is unattractive, especially your produce display where the food touches the display cases directly. If you’re still using old and grimy display shelving, it is time to find some produce displays for sale that you can use to upgrade your store today.


Another way to attract interest in a new food item is to put it on sale for a great price and advertise that sale in your print and online flyers. If you want to increase your foot traffic, rather than just introduce a new item to customers you already have, you’re going to need to advertise. 

If you know of foreign food that tastes delicious, there shouldn’t be much work for you to do. Once that food catches on, the flavour will do the work. Ensure you support it with attractive produce display cases as well. 

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