Here’s What You Should Know About Microblading Treatment

Microblading Treatment

With female Hollywood celebrities opting for more youthful beauty standards, the ideal aesthetic for eyebrows has been evolving from time to time. With the growing popularity of attractiveness ratings, women have been experimenting with different types of eyebrow styles that suit and enhance their facial features. With more women experimenting with their eyebrows, the style has emerged victorious. 

Bushier brows tend to receive higher beauty scores and are popular among females of all ages. Additionally, a boundless amount of eyebrow products and brow-lifting techniques designed to achieve thicker and more ornate eyebrows have been made available in the market today. 

However, the one treatment that has been in vogue for quite some time is none other than microblading. If you are interested, read on to find out more about this semi-permanent procedure that will guarantee you beautiful brows!

Microblading: What is it exactly?

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure consisting of highly pigmented hair that is applied beneath the skin’s surface of the eyebrows by a professional technician using an electrical hand tool with nine mini blades. The lifespan of this treatment is said to be semi-permanent and can last up to 3 years. It is ideal for someone who suffers from little to no eyebrow growth. Since natural pigments are added to produce hair-like strokes, the end result promises an illusion of thicker, fuller eyebrows.

Is microblading the same as Brow Resurrection?

The universe of eyebrow treatments is fast becoming saturated with so many terminologies. Microblading, micro feathering, brow shaping/tinting, eyebrow embroidery, and the list goes on. However, microblading and eyebrow embroidery are terms that are used interchangeably to define the same procedure. The only difference between each other can be understood on the basis of how deep the tattoo incision will go on the skin.

The Brow Resurrection, on the other hand, was developed by the research and development team exclusively at Browhaus to offer their clients an advanced brow embroidery service. Unlike the usual procedure approached by technicians elsewhere, the Brow Resurrection incorporates an innovative formula that includes semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery methods almost similar to microblading. 

What is the cost of the procedure?

An eyebrow parlor like Browhaus operates worldwide and has outlets located in ten different cities from Singapore to New York. Therefore, prices may not be the same everywhere. Depending on the location, client’s requirement, and quality of service, prices can vary along with the artist’s level of experience, especially if it is a fully certified and licensed individual. 

A single Brow Resurrection session (Brow Resurrection) at Browhaus for instance costs from $1284 and may go upto about $1712 according to the various options available. There is an additional cost set aside for tune-ups which should be done within six months of the first Brow Resurrection session treatment. This can range from $161 and $214. 

Browhaus also offers four packages inclusive of tune-ups for microblading. These are priced at $1200 (with 1 tune-up), $1500 (with 2 tune-ups), $1800 (with 3 tune-ups), and $2000 (with 2 tune-ups). It is also advised to do the first tune-up within three months of the first microblading treatment. 

How does microblading work?

To get a clear understanding of the eyebrow tattooing technique, let’s take a deeper dive into what the whole process is like from start to finish.

Step 1

Thankfully, the microblading method can produce any eyebrow style that will be perfect for your face. Whether it is soft-toned in color or the power brows synonymous with supermodel Cara Delevingne, it can be done. 

Initially, after an appointment has been booked, the practitioner will sit with the client and discuss the best brow shape based on factors like their face and skin type. If the client has an oily skin complexion, the result might affect how long the tattoo lasts. A pigment colour will be selected based on your hair colour and skin undertone. The client may also be asked to do a patch test to determine if they are prone to any allergic reactions prior to the treatment.

A qualified professional with a strong knowledge of color theory and vast experience will minimize the risk for the client by showing them successful client photos of procedures previously performed. 

Step 2

Before your initial session, do not be afraid to ask your queries if you are unsure. Our brow technicians are there to help. Some questions that you can consider asking include: Are the needles sterilized on a regular basis? Will they be wearing gloves for the right tool? How comfortable are the seats? Also, do not be afraid to ask if the area where it is being done is sanitized before you arrive. It would be better if you visit early and inspect the place yourself just to make sure if everything is in order. 

Step 3

Firstly, the brow area is thoroughly washed, cleaned, and numbed to reduce feeling severe pain. A handheld tool is then used to manually create little hair strokes which gradually evoke the idea of natural brows. This can take up to 30 to 40 minutes depending on how full you want your brows to look and feel. Since it involves repeated prickings on a sensitive area like the eyebrows, you should expect to feel some discomfort until the process is over. For this reason, the next thing practitioners do is apply a gel-like ointment over the area to help with a quicker healing process.

On aftercare and following up on proper healing methods

In terms of aftercare, it is essential to take extreme precautions and follow up on a strict facial routine to improve the longevity of the treatment. Ideally, one should refrain from too much sun exposure, constant touching, and products that have higher acidic concentrations. If you are unaware of these products, talk to a professional about what to avoid after microblading and the additional care that comes with it. 

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