How to Sell DVC Points Quickly

DVC points

Compared with the rest of the travel industry, timeshare sales started to recover quickly after the 2020 slump. ARDA reports that sales were up by 68% in Q2 of 2021 compared with the previous year.

Has your recovery from this challenging year been less promising? If so, you might be considering selling your timeshare to ease your financial burden. 

If you’ve been wondering ‘How much is my DVC membership worth?’, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find out where you can discover the value of your DVC points and how to sell them.

How to Sell Your DVC Membership?

Disney Vacation Club is one of the most popular timeshare products, so it’s easier to sell than most. Yet, you must brace yourself for the reality that you’ll never get your money back.

The value of a DVC membership lies in the use you get out of it, not in financial benefit. In most cases, you can only sell your points for between $50 and $70 less than you paid for them, per point.

This value varies depending on your home resort and how you sell your points. If you want to sell your points yourself, you can advertise them for any amount you like.

You’re unlikely to get any takers, though. There are too many DVC resale brokers for you to compete against. 

These agents buy and sell DVC points at the going rate. They have the marketing power to sell points faster than private sellers can.

Tips for Selling DVC Points

If you can’t beat them, join them. Selling your points with a recognized DVC reseller is the best way to avoid scams and get results as quickly as possible.

A broker can even help you instantly sell your DVC points, although you’ll have to take offers below market value if you go this route. 

These professionals can also tell you the exact value of your points, depending on the specifics of your membership. They publish point value charts on their websites, and you can also request a valuation online.

Like a real estate agent, these brokers charge a commission that comes off the sale price of your points.

When you sell your DVC points on your own, you need a lawyer to help you through the process. A lawyer’s fee will cost a lot more than a broker’s commission.

Remember, Disney has the right of first refusal on all resales. So if you’re selling your points on your own, they need to see the offer first.

Sometimes, DVC buys back timeshare contracts linked to high-demand or sold-out resorts.

This is an extremely rare occurrence, though. So, don’t count on it. It usually takes Disney around 30 days to review the offer and make up their mind. 

The Real Value of Timeshare

Selling your DVC points won’t bring you any profits, but it will give you peace of mind thanks to having one less bill to worry about.

Many timeshare owners feel cheated when they sell their DVC points at these low prices. Yet, it’s important to consider the vacation savings you’ve enjoyed over the years as part of the picture. 

When you take that into account, a low price per resale point doesn’t seem so bad. Browse our blog for more practical advice to suit a wide range of situations.