How to Study Linux and Why Should You Learn It?

Study Linux

Nowadays, many internet users choose the Linux operating system. It is a great choice for personal use and businesses due to its user-friendly interface, strong Linux community support, stability, and safety. 

Learning Linux may be challenging at the beginning, but in this article, you can find useful tips to improve your tech skills. 

What You Should Know About Linux

Linux is a free and open-source office operating system invented in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. Initially, Torvalds improved the UNIX OS software, but after the update was rejected, he released a new operating system. Having advanced features, it is a powerful technology for our everyday use. 

Despite being originally designed for PC, now it is imported to many platforms. Linux is the most popular operating system for personal use due to the prevalence of Linux-based Android on smartphones. Besides, it’s the principal operating system on servers. There are many engaging Linux games that operating system users can benefit from. 

Most modern technologies like smartphones, computers, smartwatches, video game consoles, routers, smart televisions, automation controls, video recorders, automobiles, etc. use Linux. Using the license terms, you can freely use, modify, and distribute the source code.

5 Reasons to Learn Linux

Linux is widely used in technology and has a lot of applications. If you want to get a good job, you should master this OS and proxy using organizations that power their infrastructure with Linux. It is a must for DevOps engineers as Linux allows them to manage a lot of tasks. Linux is one of the best free software for distant work. Besides, learning a Linux command line can help you better understand how computers navigate commands. Learning Linux allows you to master Unix-like operating systems like Mac OS, AIX, and Solaris. 


Linux is completely free software that makes it popular among individual users, student communities, and businesses. This OS is a cost-effective solution as it can run on different devices. Linux users do not have to pay for any software. Learn how to use Linux from free sources.

Open Source

Linux open-source office software that has a universally available code enabling users to improve the technology. People can perform different actions with the source code to their advantage. That’s why there are modified versions of Linux OS. Moreover, it is a great option for learning to build cyber security apps. Check the best programming solution if you are interested in programming. 


You can protect your device from viruses and malware by installing Linux. It is a stable platform with security in priority. The antivirus software will help maintain a high-security level of the Linux OS. This open-source platform is free, meaning that users don’t have to pay for software licensing. 

Easy to Use 

The Linux operating system has a user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) and is easy to master. You know that macOS users have no difficulties in using Linux. But Windows users may install a free Windows Emulator to easily manage apps on Linux. It’s possible to develop and play video games using Linux, installing a special application. 

Community Support

The Linux support community is a place to communicate and find articles and a file base to solve user problems. It provides lots of help to novice Linux users hawking assistance online. There is premium support available to organizations. You can benefit from free community support at any time for any question. 

Difficulties People Encounter While Mastering Linux

It may be challenging to study technology and master the Linux operating system if you have no tech skills. The Linux basics are not hard to learn since today, people are widely using technologies. 

On average, it takes a few weeks to master basic Linux commands. If you want to become an advanced user and learn all the ins and outs, keep practicing for several months. 

To have good Linux proficiency, it’s not obligatory to know all the advanced commands. The Linux OS command line supports a high degree of customization. 

The macOS users can find it easier to understand and master Linux as the first is based on UNIX. These two technologies, Linux and UNIX, have many common features. 

Main Steps to Take to Learn Linux

You can master Linux on your own for personal use, but it can also be studied at online and offline courses. There are many free resources, manuals, and tutorials available for free on the web, so choose what you like the most. 

Mind that choosing classroom learning is better for people lacking similar experience, motivation, and study materials. However, you will have to pay for tuition and study in a regular mode where all students obtain equal levels of attention. So you must master some aspects in case of misunderstanding on your own.

When you master Linux on your own, you can benefit from freedom of action as it’s possible to study as much as you wish in any place at any time. You can adjust it to your goals and spend less money. If there are some problems with Linux understanding, use the Linux screen recorder and capture the screen to send experts. A free video recorder will become an intermediary between students and supporters, so do not hesitate to use it if you see that help is needed. 

All you need to study Linux is a personal computer and access to the Internet, where people can find a wide range of free study materials. You should be strongly motivated to gain new knowledge and not be afraid of challenges. Many Linux experts mastered the operating system with their effort, so follow their example and believe in your abilities. 

At first, you should master Linux basics and understand the main work principles like changing work environment, navigation, and configuration. Consider two popular work environments, KDE and gnome, that you can choose when installing the OS. Then learn the Linux structure and familiarize yourself with a Linux distribution, bootloader, kernel, and graphical server. 

The Linux file system is a crucial aspect to master since it organizes all content on your device using files. File directories are found in properties like downloads or documents. To share files with other users, you can download Dropbox. 

After connecting to the Internet, you can use search browsers like Mozilla and Firefox. There is an in-built application, the Terminal, that assists in the app installation and downloading files on your device. You can easily master the Terminal by downloading a simple binary package. 


Linux OS is widely used in many spheres of human life, and it’s crucial to know how to use it. These tips will help you master Linux as soon as possible and benefit from the operating system for personal use, education, career, and more. 

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