Miraculous Magic Mushrooms

Miraculous Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin is a substance found in a type of mushroom lovingly named “Magic Mushrooms.” The substance produces psychedelic and euphoric effects when ingested, which is how it got its name among its users.

These mushrooms typically come from various parts of the world, such as Australia, Mexico, and Asia. Fungi have more than 200 different species and usually grow from rotting plant matter like wood chips and dung. Here is a brief guide on facts about everyone’s favorite fungi.

History of the Mushroom

The long and rich history of psilocybin dates back thousands of years when indigenous cultures used the substance for therapy. The primary uses for this psychedelic substance among South and Central American ancient cultures were healing and spiritual ceremonies.  

In the 1950s, psilocybin became notorious in western medicine when scientist R. Gordon Wasson brought it home from Mexico. Wasson had shared the sample with fellow scientist Albert Hofmann, who was responsible for discovering psychedelic properties in LSD.

Upon observing the sample, Wasson provided, Hofmann was able to isolate the mushrooms’ psychedelic compound. Following this discovery came many studies on psilocybin’s effects on the body and potential therapeutic and medicinal applications.

“Magic mushroom” became a popular term after it garnered a mainstream following from the 1957 article in LIFE Magazine. The article had the playful title of “Seeking the Magic Mushroom,” recounting Wasson’s experiences with the substance.

Blessings of the Mushroom

Johns Hopkins Medicine conducted studies showing that psilocybin ingestion paired with psychotherapy can reduce symptoms associated with depression. According to the same study, the substance can relieve anxiety for end-of-life cancer patients.

The study also revealed faster relief from depression symptoms than other depression treatments.

A separate investigation found that 67 percent of test subjects showed more than 50 percent symptom reductions after only a week. The number of participants rose to 71 percent after only four weeks.

There is not enough research, however, into psilocybin’s effects in terms of treatment for alcohol abuse. Further reviews, however, present promising results that warrant the necessity for funding to conduct major clinical trials.

Partake of the Mushroom

There are various ways to consume magic mushrooms. Some people choose to ingest them whole; however, most will say it tastes terrible.

Luckily, some products like mushroom chocolate bars make ingestion easier and better tasting. There are also other options to mask the magic mushrooms’ taste:

  • Grinding dried mushrooms and blending them into juice or smoothie
  • Brewing mushrooms into tea shows effects the quickest
  • Eliminating the taste by grinding the mushrooms into capsules, which takes the longest to show effects

Warnings of the Mushroom

Before taking these mushrooms, ensure you have time to kill. The effects of psilocybin can last up to six hours, reaching its apex after 2–3 hours of ingestion. First-timers taking mushrooms should ensure you are doing nothing that day. You do not want to be hallucinating in the middle of responsibilities.

Magic mushrooms genuinely live up to their name “magic” with all their physical and mental health benefits. With these facts, you probably know more than most about these fantastic fungi.