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Tips for Enjoyable Winter ATV Riding

Winter ATV Riding

Given your ATV’s ability to easily traverse rough conditions, the winter is one of the most practical and enjoyable times to use it. However, extreme conditions require extreme precautions. Follow these precautions so that you can ensure a safe ride and continue using your ATV without worry for years to come. 

Prep Your Machine and Yourself

If your ATV is getting older, requires regular work to run or is prone to break down, it is time to retire it for winter use. Instead, find yourself a reliable dealership that has ATVs for sale that are in great shape before you go risking your life by using a worn-out machine in the winter. 

After you ensure that your vehicle is in proper condition for venturing out in the cold, there are a few steps that you should take to prevent running into any problems during your ride. Begin by prepping your ATV to ensure that all of the following items have been filled up and are in reliable working condition: 

  • Fuel
  • Battery
  • Spark Plugs
  • Tires
  • Air Filter

If you have the storage space, you should also consider bringing backups for any of these items. After all, you never know when someone else is going to forget to perform their check and land you all in a tight situation.  

Layer Your Clothing 

Perhaps the most critical part about preparing yourself is the need to dress appropriately for the weather. While you’ll want to wear clothing that is well-suited for the winter cold, such as a warm winter hat, gloves, socks, and jacket, it is also a good idea to wear a few layers. This strategy will allow you to add or remove items as needed to avoid getting too hot or cold during your trip.   

Use the Buddy System

The buddy system isn’t just for when you were a kid; it works for adults too – particularly in situations that can become dangerous. Any time you decide to drive your ATV in the winter, be sure to go with a group or take at least one friend. When you’re out on the trail, you never know when the unexpected will hit, and you don’t want to be caught out somewhere overnight without help.   

Avoid the Ice at All Costs

While patches of ice might look tempting, they can quickly turn deadly. Unless you can be absolutely sure that a surface holds at least 6 inches of frozen ice, then you shouldn’t be anywhere near it. 

Stay on the Trail

Some of the worst accidents that happen on ATVs occur because drivers decide to venture off the trail. Trails exist to prevent accidents like rogue limbs from causing serious injuries or people getting lost in the deep woods.

The winter season can provide scenic landscapes and a lot of fun, but it is nothing to be careless about. Take the threat of extreme weather seriously and follow these guidelines for winter ATV safety closely. In particular, ensure your ride is in excellent condition by buying a new model before you venture far.

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