Top Project Manager Qualities

Top Project Manager Qualities

You need to be well-rounded and have a wide range of interpersonal skills to be the right person for your project. But that doesn’t mean you can’t narrow down your options!

This article will discuss the essential skills that a project manager must have, and the characteristics of an effective project manager.

What Are The Attributes Of An Effective Project Manager?

A project manager must have a wide range of skills and abilities to be effective. They must have the following:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Project management techniques require technical expertise
  • Ability to motivate people to take part in the project
  • Leadership skills that are strong
  • Good business acumen
  • Decision-making skills
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence.

It is not easy to find the right person to do the job. There are many things that go into project management success.

Sometimes companies focus too much on technical aspects (e.g., the ability to earn value management or use a scheduling tool) and not enough on leadership and management skills that will allow them to succeed in their role.

Project managers need to have a mix of skills that can be taught in the classroom (e.g., risk analysis using simulations) and those that can be developed but are more difficult which can be gained through the PMP certification course.

Below are the top seven attributes that project managers should possess. At least, this is our opinion. What does it look like in real life? We’ll discuss the characteristics that make a good project manager, and how they are important.

Effective Communication Skills

Communication is a major part of project managers’ jobs. Experts estimate that up to 80% of their work involves communication. It is important to have excellent communication skills when you fill the project manager role. They will work with all levels of the organization, as well as suppliers and customers. They will be preparing documentation, presenting, and leading virtual meetings. They are able to communicate well both in written and spoken English.

Expertise In Project-management Techniques

Project management is an art. You want to ensure that the person you are looking to hire can do the job. While certifications are useful in identifying candidates who have passed exams in project management and met industry standards, they don’t make it easy to dismiss experienced candidates.

Talking to people will give you a better understanding of how they manage projects as well as the technical skills they have in project management. You should ask them how they would adapt any particular project management tool, discipline or technique to fit the project. This is a key indicator of a successful delivery.

Inspire People To Participate In The Project

Change is a part of every project. People can feel uncomfortable during change. Project managers who are strong can encourage others to share the vision and encourage participation.

Strong Leadership Skills

Project managers often work in a matrix structure and leadership is essential. Your project manager may not have the hierarchical management responsibilities of the project team members. This makes their leadership skills even more crucial as they will be leading multiple people from different teams.

Good Business Acumen

Business acumen is a crucial skill in project management. You can test it by asking detailed questions at interviews. Busines-aware project managers can see how their projects fit into the larger picture. They understand the strategic value of their work.

Project managers can use business acumen to make better decisions about risk management and project delivery. This will shape the way that the project is delivered to add real business value.

Skills For Decision-making

There are many decisions that must be made regarding projects. These can range from making the daily ‘who is the best person to do this task’ decision to financial recommendations that could have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Project managers should be able to use multiple techniques to make decisions and know when to include subject matter experts.

Empathy And Emotional Intelligence

The role of a project manager is changing. This role will no longer be one that organizes the team and gets the work done on schedule. Instead, it will be one who is collaborative, facilitates and can engage stakeholders in meaningful ways. To build trusting relationships with stakeholders and get the best from the team, emotional intelligence is essential.

What Qualities Of A Project Manager Can Get One Hired?

A Project Manager should be skilled in:

  • Strategic thinking
  • Scheduling
  • Communication
  • Stakeholder engagement.

Your company’s competitive edge will depend on the quality of your project managers.

Find A Project Manager For Your Team

It can be difficult to find the right person for your team, whether you’re looking for someone to take a leadership role or contribute to the success of the team at a junior level. A project management staffing solution firm can help you find the right candidate and place them in your job.

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