10 cities that are Bitcoin Hotspots

Bitcoin Hotspots

Bitcoin is the most popular and best-known crypto across the world. It is being used by many people across the world in many different ways. Cryptocurrency is slowly getting adoption from many countries. It may not be accepted by many countries, but a few are showing interest in it. 

Do you wish to buy with Bitcoin? Almost 15000 plus businesses are ready to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. While some countries are trying to ban crypto as it is not controlled or regulated by the government or central banks, many countries are trying to adopt it. 

Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency that you pick, you will always find them with some controversies. But despite the risk of Bitcoin trading, merchants started accepting digital currency. If you are looking for Bitcoin hotspot cities, then here is the list for you. 

In this blog, you can check out the top cities that are Bitcoin hotspots. That means you can easily buy pizza from a restaurant or watch a movie. It is now getting easy to use cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. So, here is the list of the ten cities:

San Francisco: 

The first and foremost city that you need to consider as a hotspot for Bitcoin is San Francisco. Kraken and Coinbase, which are the top cryptocurrency trading platforms are based in San Francisco. From bars and restaurants to stores and hostels, there are many places in San Francisco where digital payments are accepted. Almost a hundred merchants accept Bitcoin. Also, there are 67 Bitcoin ATMs in San Francisco and the number shows how popular Bitcoin is in that place. 


The next popular hotspot for Bitcoin is Amsterdam. Altogether there are more than 40 places in Amsterdam where you can use digital money as a payment option. From Coffee shops to bike repairs and even a barber in Amsterdam accepts Bitcoin. It has six to seven Bitcoin ATMs with a population of 840,000 people. 


Canada is one of those countries that have a lot of followers for Bitcoin. In Vancouver, you can find about fifty merchants and 221 locations where Bitcoin is a valid payment option. In Vancouver’s Waves Coffee House, the operations of the world’s first Bitcoin were started. This happens in the year 2013. 


Arnhem is another popular city where Bitcoin is a valid payment option. Thousands of small business owners accept it. Added to that, you will also be able to enjoy good discounts from the merchants if you are paying using cryptocurrency. BitKassa is the payment processor for making all the payments. 


When it comes to businesses based on cryptocurrencies, Singapore is on the top of the list. You will be able to see several blockchain startups in Singapore and many are still coming up. Also, there are many business owners who accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Restaurants, cafes, food courts, and many more accept Bitcoin. 


Ljubljana is the largest city in Slovenia. But this city has the least population. BitStamp was first founded in Ljubljana and then started in other places. There are two hundred merchants who accept Bitcoin and have four ATMs. 


This is a very small city with just a 392,000 population but a lot of people invested in digital currency. There are 40 to 50 merchants in Tampa who accept Bitcoin. But the best part is it has 45 ATMs. 

New York: 

Popularly known as the tech and financial hub, New York is the next hotspot for Bitcoin. There are 35 merchants for spending your Bitcoin in New York. You can also buy or sell your Bitcoin at the 14 different Bitcoin ATMs there. 


How can we forget London when it comes to digital money. Everything in and around London looks so advanced and developed. There are fifty merchants who accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. It also has 130 Bitcoin ATMs, which is very huge in number. 


Another city with a high number of ATMs is Miami and it has 651 ATMs for Bitcoin. You can easily buy and sell Bitcoin. Almost 40 merchants in Miami accept Bitcoin. 

So, this was our list of the top ten cities that are hotspots for Bitcoin. But the list is huge. We have a good number of cities that started accepting Bitcoin as a payment option. 

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