5 Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Big Pharma

Big Pharma

The healthcare industry is one of the largest and most monetary industries in the world. One of the branches of health care is the production of pharmaceuticals. Almost no one in the world can imagine life without the use of medication.

How do medicines come to us in a ready-to-use, affordable form? – Thanks to pharmaceutical companies called Big Pharma.

Here are a few facts you probably didn’t know about Big Pharma:

1. Big Pharma is a globally important infrastructure

First, we need to understand the definition of “Big Pharma”. This phrase is commonly used to describe the world’s largest multinational pharmaceutical companies. These companies are in regular demand among different social groups, both product users and investors.

Notable ones include Pfizer, Sanofi, Bayer, etc. Part of the profits of pharmaceutical companies are aimed at the development of health care and the economy. In addition to the U.S. and Europe, Big Pharma is also represented in other countries, such as Mexico. Today a Mexican pharmacy has the same reputation as an American or European pharmacy. 

According to last year’s data, Americans purchased more than 5 billion drugs and spent 1.27 trillion dollars. From which a logical conclusion follows: in today’s world, pharmaceuticals are an essential part of human society.

2. The negative impact of Big Pharma is a myth

Despite the fact that many people use medications from Big Pharma companies, only 28% of Americans have a positive attitude toward them. This is due to the “conspiracy theories” surrounding the pharmacy.

Some people believe that drugs have negative effects on the body, specifically aimed at reducing the population. Or that drugs for incurable diseases (AIDS, cancer, hepatitis C, etc.) already exist, but are deliberately hidden by Big Pharma. Let’s try to make an argument and dispel these theories:

  • Pharmaceutical companies benefit from the fact that the human lifespan is as long as possible. As we know, with age the functions of the body deteriorate, even with a healthy lifestyle, most of the elderly undergo chronic diseases and need regular therapy to maintain good health.
  • The profits of drug manufacturers are not stable. It is not uncommon for a company to not make a profit or to operate at a loss. This is due to the time and costs needed to develop, test, and introduce new drugs to the market. Well-known distributors supply only quality-controlled drugs, the best American, European and the best Mexican pharmacies work according to this principle.
  • If a drug has caused harm, it will not go unpunished. Big Pharma companies try to keep their name and stay out of scandals, through product quality and thorough testing before releasing to the masses, to keep the target audience healthy and profitable.
  • Thanks to the work of Big Pharma, medicine is evolving rapidly. A lot of research done by companies in the last 20 years has advanced medicine significantly: new drugs for previously incurable diseases and vaccines (e.g., tuberculosis, tetanus).

3. Big Pharma and Small Pharmaceutical Companies

It is worth distinguishing between Big Pharma companies and little-known local, probably uncertified drug manufacturers. There are several criteria by which a company is classified as Big Pharma: certification, global orientation, financial and productive transparency.

Companies belong to Big Pharma not only in the big-name countries of the United States, Germany, and France, but also a huge number of companies from other corners of the world. The previously mentioned best Mexican pharmacy is on the same level and is also safe and globally used.

Before using a pharmaceutical company’s medications, it is worth making sure that it meets these requirements. You should be especially careful to check companies when buying medications online. Many Mexican online pharmacies provide certificates and documentation right on the website.

4. Mexican online pharmacies

Online shopping has become commonplace for internet users these days and buying medications is no exception. Let’s analyze the advantages of this innovative method of purchasing drugs using the example of a Mexican online pharmacy:

  • ordering medication without leaving home, especially convenient for people who are unable to leave the house;
  • a wide selection of medicines and their constant availability;
  • worldwide delivery;
  • online payment for goods;
  • certified Mexican pharmacy – a guarantee of quality and safety.

Big Pharma companies are now actively working with certified drug distribution using online resources. After all, it is convenient for both the supplier and the buyer.

5. Big Pharma is safe

Based on the above facts, we can openly talk about the safety and high quality of Big Pharma. Statistically, before a drug enters the market, it goes through many studies for at least 5 years.

The result is clearly visible: not a single failure of Big Pharma companies is known in recent years. Life expectancy in developed countries is increasing, and mortality and incurability rates are falling.