5 Key Points to Look for in a SharePoint Consultant

SharePoint Consultant

Businesses are looking for SharePoint consulting services to follow the best practices in the market. There is always a requirement for a top-notch consultant that helps unlock the platform’s best features. 

We will give you the best insiders to ease the selection criteria of your skilled SharePoint consultant. 

Who is a SharePoint consultant?

A consultant becomes a bridge between the projects’ development, architecture, and design. If you get a professional consultant for your business, they can be problem solvers, mediators, and communicators of your organization by using various SharePoint services. They are capable of building informational documents and giving you technical assistance.

What are the five key points you should consider?

1. The Range of capabilities 

Are you looking for someone to build a solution, provide support, train users, or handle other business operations? Some traditional skills that an experienced SharePoint consultant must have are:

  • Business Analysis 
  • Architecture
  • Training
  • Project Management 
  • Development 
  • Support 

2. Understanding of complexities 

Based on your business, do you require someone that understands the technologies beyond SharePoint, business, or industry? Do you want people to have the high technical knowledge and perform detailed QA testing on the current platform? 

This includes responsibilities like: 

  • Complete knowledge of SharePoint
  • Integration of various resources and tools in SharePoint 
  • Recognize the right alternatives for various features and functionalities 
  • Capable of understanding the non-technical factors, change management, and market risks. 

3. Supervise and Monitor 

Do you want someone to manage the daily tasks, scope, or deadlines? Or do you need the consultant to take care of the management, budget, and project timeline? 

Must-have skills to perform supervision are:

  • Manage the daily tasks and plan for future ones accordingly
  • Monitor the current performance and work ahead with your guidance 
  • The right partner will work up for entire projects and manage the internal resources

4. Risk Tolerance 

Will your expert handle breaches, failures, damages, leaks, or errors on the platform? This is very crucial for every business. This should include:

  • They should be capable to state the time consumption you need to send responses to the requests
  • They must explain the inability to deliver any solution or results. 
  • The skilled Microsoft SharePoint consultants should ensure minimal errors, damages, and issues

5. Costs and Investments 

How expensive will be your SharePoint consultant? Some common ranges in the market are: 

  • <100 per hour
  • 100 to 150 per hour 
  • 150 to 300 per hour 
  • Above 300 per hour

This Range is decided based on the consultant’s skills, knowledge, and experience. You also have the freedom to ask for the approximation based on your projects.

How to use SharePoint effectively?

It is a collaboration platform that helps to ease the workflow in an organization. It is perfect for businesses that operate in multiple locations and find it difficult to access the documents. If you use SharePoint effectively, you can open, edit, share and review documents from any corner of the world. This means your employees, clients, and customers get great convenience in accessing the documents with the right level of permissions. 

Some tips for using the platform are:

  • Ensure that the documents are easily found
  • Learn more about SharePoint alerts. They are used to notify the admin of any updates in the documents, item, task, event, or content. 
  • Focus on training as the platform has too many features that are critical for the business 
  • Generate lists in Excel and import them in SharePoint to make it easier. 

What are the must-have skills of a SharePoint consultant? 

We know you want the perfect SharePoint consulting services capable of applying the best practices for your business. But things don’t run smoothly with knowledge, and they must have some other skills to handle your requirements successfully. 

Let us look at a few criteria that will ease the process of selection and maximize your results: 

1. Have delivery methods 

To deliver expected results means defining, understanding, and maintaining the business of SharePoint solutions. The consultant needs to follow a certain methodology to maximize customer engagement and ROI ensure safe deliverables. 

Diagnostic, Design, Deployment, Operations, and Analysis phases are the methodology used by the SharePoint consultant. The service should ensure that their techniques are:

  • Scalable 
  • Modular 
  • Industry-specific
  • Systematic 
  • Repeatable 

This helps to tailor to reach a wide range of customers. 

2. Know Microsoft SharePoint features 

Custom development is reserved for meeting specific circumstances, which helps to unlock great features. They have a strong profile to perform QA, which means fewer chances of encountering issues. Some major features you gain from SharePoint are:

  • Content Management: File management, document management, custom content, office integration, and record management.
  • Search: This helps organizations search on contents, items, and documents in the internal or external space of SharePoint. 
  • Identity Management: SharePoint gives you enhanced authorization and authentication for keeping your data secure. 
  • Social Computing: Advanced collaboration through blogs, tagging, forums, and wiki pages. 
  • Branding: It has features to build custom logos and themes to match your business interface. 

3. Capable of building custom solutions

Some customers need some unique additions to the platform. You require a SharePoint Consultant that understands the SharePoint framework and its functions. There are certain methodologies that they must be familiar with to implement for the business. 

How to begin hiring SharePoint Consultants?

  • Understand the targets: You need to know the business’s goals and milestones to achieve them. 
  • Know the requirements: It is crucial to know the deadlines to get results. 
  • Fix a budget: Set some baseline for the investment in the project 
  • Consult an expert: They might have a better solution before you make the final decision

The Final Takeaway! 

We know that indulging with the right SharePoint Consulting Services is a big challenge in this competitive world. Business owners want to invest in tools and technologies that help generate better revenue and productivity in the organization. 

SharePoint does change the game, but you can strengthen and sharpen your business results with the support of the right team. Research more and get the best insights before hiring a SharePoint consultant for your team!

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