5 Ways to Save When Using Spend Management & Virtual Business Cards

Spending management in every industry is a potential drain on precious finances. Do you want to have to worry about runaway expenditure or dark purchasing? It is a headache that is easy to avoid with modern technology.

That is where virtual business cards come in, a way to centralize and streamline business spending.

We could talk about the benefits of virtual business cards for days, but we will keep things short and sweet. Here are five of our top ways you can save time and money.

Make Your Finances Transparent

Finding out expenditure specifics has been one of the biggest problems when dealing with a standard credit card. In the past, this meant waiting until the end of the month. Then you receive a statement that documents the spending, which may come far too late.

A powerful tool that spending management now has access to in the digital age is how transparent virtual cards are. It is as easy as a couple of clicks to track all business spending, various balances, and any other financial-related activity on an account.

Keeping Receipts Can Be Easy

There is no more complicated receipt reconciling when using a virtual business card. Since everything will go through the spend management platform, all reconciliation is automatic. It is a time saver for everybody involved.

The employee will be able to send a digital copy of the receipt, and the finance team will be able to catalog it instantly.

Budget Management Can Be Simple Too

Budgeting is a constant worry for a business of any size. It is easy to let things get out of control when using more traditional business cards. We are in the age of more accountability and agile control over our businesses, which means we also need more control over the finances.

A virtual card can be given a specific balance, with the ability to top it up further at any time. This means both the employee and their manager gain more control and understanding of overspending.

The Agility of Virtual Business Cards

Dealing with a complicated and long chain of command when requesting a card can be a time-consuming nightmare. That unnecessary level of micromanagement has no place in modern businesses and wastes employee time.

A virtual card and spend management platform offers a central hub that controls all spending. It allows everybody on the financial side to see more transparent spending habits and gives them quicker and easier control.

It’s not difficult to implement, either. You can find corporate cards here.

Take Your Virtual Card All Over the World

Everybody uses their phones for everything nowadays, and that includes banking. There is no reason for businesses not to catch up to this too. Some virtual cards can tie into a mobile app, offering even greater levels of flexibility.

For an employee traveling for business, this leads to a lack of restriction. It’s a global-orientated digital system means that there will never be an issue with payments abroad.

Keeping Track of Your Business Finances

Managing your business expenses can be a constant battle. There’s no reason to make it more difficult by not implementing virtual business cards into your company. At the very least, it’ll help make things a lot easier when going through your finances.

As technology moves on, there are more and more ways to make your business life easier. If you’re interested in more ways to streamline your finances, keep reading the business section of our blog!