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How to Measure Your Business Success on Instagram

Business Success on Instagram

Reach and impressions are two very different marketing terms, and each holds a unique position when it comes to Instagram marketing. Instagram is an integral part of social media marketing. If your business has decided to use this social media platform, then you must know the key metrics that would be used to track the results. There are certain metrics that you must follow to check whether Instagram marketing is working for you. Regardless of the work that you want to perform using Instagram, make sure that the metrics below are measured to determine your success.

Growth Rate

It is not about the high follower count, as it says nothing about the account or brand credibility. The follower growth rate is something that is important and must be gauged. The growth rate gives you a good idea about the brand credibility and how your Instagram marketing is working. Getting the attention of new people is of vital importance, and it must be considered while you are tracking your success on Instagram. If the growth is equal to or above 10% then it is good, or else there is a serious problem, and you need to revise your Instagram growth strategy. To lure more people to your account, you can use trustworthy tools like the SimplyGram service or other respective platforms to get Instagram followers who are legit and engage with your content. 

Website Traffic

If Instagram is directing traffic to your main medium i.e. a website, then it means that the social media marketing is standing out. Use Google Analytics to see the segmentation, and it will get you an idea of how many users are being directed by Instagram. The goal section on this dashboard will also show you how strong marketing efforts are and what changes are required in this regard. The same section will also get you a count of conversions, i.e. how many visitors are converted to paid customers. The overall picture will get you an idea about the overall strategy.

Comments per Post

Leaving comments on the posts shows that the content is engaging, and it has raised eyebrows at the same time. Also, it shows that the people are taking time to engage with your content and writing comments, as it is a time-consuming process. The number of comments you are getting on each post is something of utmost importance, and it must be tracked as well. Make sure that the count per post is maintained, and social media tools are used for the purpose. The patterns must also be taken into consideration for successful campaigns.


It means the total number of people that have seen your post, and this metric can easily be measured using Instagram insights. If a post is seen by the same person three times, then it means that there are three impressions. However, in the case of one reach, it is only counted as one. It shows that reach is a very important metric to consider, and it must be on the higher side. Use popular hashtags or branded hashtags to make sure that the reach is increasing. Different tools get you a better understanding of the reach and how it will affect your marketing strategy. 

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