6 Advantages of Electronic Signatures for Your Business

electronic signatures

Due to technological advancement, electronic signatures are quickly becoming the norm in the business sector. A rising number of companies are choosing to go paperless and replace outdated pen-and-ink operations with digital ones.

 An electronic signature or e-signature is an electronic symbol, sound, or procedure tied to or logically related to a contract or other material and performed by an individual to sign the document.

Companies that use e-signatures reap various advantages, from decreased document production costs to happier, more devoted clients. In addition, electronic signatures drive a positive return on your investment.

Here are the advantages of electronic signatures to your business:

1.   It saves time

Saving time is one of the biggest advantages of employing eSignature for businesses. By using electronic signatures, firms may deliver documents to customers and partners for speedy signings, saving time from printing, scanning, faxing and sending paperwork.

Business owners can also receive their signed documents back more quickly, thanks to electronic signatures. Businesses that use electronic signatures report an average of 80% quicker response time.

2.   Cut expenses

Electronic signatures may help companies save money through a variety of methods, including reduced labor expenses, material costs, and the financial effect of human errors like incorrectly signed documents, 

Adopting a paperless signing procedure is the most evident economic advantage businesses may get from deploying electronic signature systems. Using a paperless signature method helps companies to reduce paper, printing, packaging and shipping expenses.

An electronic signature is also automated, which decreases labor costs and, more crucially, eliminates the chance of financial loss due to human mistakes. Electronic signature software reduces human error through a monitoring system that sends notifications about any questionable records or compliance concerns, avoiding the expense of correcting errors that could have been avoided.

3.   Environment

Did you know that companies use more than 10 liters of water to create an A4 sheet of paper or that 50% of their trash consists of paper? Every day, more people become aware of the need to safeguard the environment by implementing eco-friendly practices. As a result, there is an actual, reasonable need for less paperwork at work. Electronic signatures assist in lowering the usage of paper and trees, greenhouse gas emissions and environmental effects.

4.   Businesses can easily keep track of signatures

Utilizing electronic signatures also allows businesses to monitor the progress of all the documents they have for signing.

Businesses may retain control and visibility over all of their signature procedures by utilizing electronic signature software with features like signing dashboards, reminders and notifications.

For example, you can view open and closed sales contracts, NDAs, purchase orders, invoices and human resource paperwork. You can set up automatic reminders to keep the workflow organized if a document has not been signed yet.

This saves time spent manually looking for signatures and may be especially useful for businesses when several signature operations are running concurrently.

5.   They are more secure

A company may risk unauthorized access to its most sensitive papers and information by physically distributing confidential documents to outside signers.

Electronic signatures contain traceable information that you may use to identify the document’s signer and provide information about where and when they were signing.

Many electronic signature solutions provide a time-stamped record of all signature activity and may be distributed weekly to account managers for increased security.

All signed documents may be safely kept and made available at any time, thanks to the substantial security safeguards offered by the cloud storage options included in many electronic signature software packages.

6.   Greater customer loyalty

E-signatures improve more than only internal business procedures. They also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by enhancing the customer experience. E-signature services provide clients with many benefits in addition to accelerating the signing process and eliminating the need for an office printer.

Customers may electronically sign papers from any gadget, adding another efficiency level. The recipient of proposals and contracts with a contract management solution typically does not need to exit their email app or download files to approve them.

Additionally, clients are reassured by the added security of e-signatures that contracts will not be forgotten or misplaced.     

Businesses today cannot completely adopt a digital infrastructure without the assistance of an e-signature workflow solution. E-signatures provide businesses with a streamlined, scalable, user-friendly solution that increases productivity, reduces operational costs and improves customer experience.