6 Best Investment Apps of February 2022

Investment Apps

In the past few years, investment apps have grown in popularity, and for a good reason. Now, anybody can enter the inventory and stock market with just one click on the phone. They revolutionized the approach of how investors can buy and sell stocks, bonds, and other options. 

There are so many different investment apps out there to choose from. It can be overwhelming sometimes, so we bring you the six best investment apps of March. Read on to find out more!

1. Betterment

Betterment app is one of the most popular investment apps. It is perfect for newbies who, at the beginning of their investment journey, prefer low-risk options. 

This app offers automated services that invest for you. You can grow your capital without compromising your personal beliefs by choosing your portfolio that focuses on social impact, lower carbon emissions, gender equality, etc. You can set out your risk tolerance and financial goals. After that, the robot advisors will take care of the rest.

2. RobinHood

RobinHood app is the most trending app as we speak. It is great for beginners due to the commission-free trading, ETFs (exchange-traded funds), and no minimums to start. Once you set up an account, you can start trading immediately. RobinHood even lets its users invest in gold and cryptocurrency.

3. Acorns

Acorns app stands out for its unique concept of micro-investing. It turns your transaction leftovers into savings. The great feature is banking options within the app. Add to the list even more great features like no account minimum to get started and feel free to choose the risk level that you are comfortable with.

4. eToro

eToro is the best app in cryptocurrency and stock trading. Although, with cryptocurrency trading comes high trading fees which is unavoidable. It provides a wide range of investment opportunities like cryptocurrency markets, commodities, stocks, and forex. 

The main attraction is its platform for trading forex and all kinds of cryptocurrencies. You can say, eToro is an online safe broker, as we know that most offshore forex brokers are not regulated. And, it supports new investors by letting them copy investment strategies from the more experienced investors.

5. Webull

Webull is the ideal investment app for active investors and traders who want more options in trading. Apart from trading in stocks and ETFs, you have access to digital currencies and options trades. Webull is great for investors and active traders. It gives its users access to free shares of stock with no minimum deposits and no commissions.

6. WealthFront

WealthFront is an app designed to support its users on their path to wealth, as the name suggests. It is one of the best robo-advisors on the market right now. The best features of WealthFront are full financial automation, planning goals, and recommendations on how to save and invest money, and it offers portfolio lines of credit.

As you can see, it has never been easier to be an investor. Using any of these investment apps can teach you very quickly how to become a more serious investor!