Azure vs AWS: What’s the Difference?

Azure vs AWS

According to one report, global cloud spending is going to hit $495bn in 2022

If you’re looking to invest in cloud services, you might not know if you should put money into Azure or AWS. You may not even know if there are any big differences between these two options. 

This post will provide you with a brief guide that’ll help you figure out which solution is best for you. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know a lot more about the Azure vs AWS debate. 

Let’s begin!

Azure vs AWS: What Is the Difference?

To begin with, you’re probably wondering what the actual differences are between these cloud services. 

Well, the most obvious difference is that Azure is owned by Microsoft, while AWS is an Amazon product. 

AWS was one of the first firms to offer large-scale cloud services, and this early advantage means that it’s one of the biggest names in this space.

In fact, lots of large companies, such as GE and Disney, rely on AWS to run the majority of their digital business. 

In any case, Azure is a relatively newer entrant into the cloud business. However, because Microsoft owns it, it has actually gained a lot of ground in a short period of time.

Either way, in terms of features, both platforms can help you do the basics when it comes to cloud computing. 

AWS Can Be Much Cheaper

One of the good things about AWS is that it’s one of the best cloud services on offer when it comes to price. 

This is because AWS gives you a lot of control in regards to how much computing power you use. This high level of control means it’s easy for you to manage your costs without accidentally spending too much. 

You also don’t have to pay termination fees if you stop using AWS. This is one of the main reasons AWS often wins when it comes to the Microsoft Azure vs AWS debate. 

Azure Works Well With Lots of Microsoft Products

As mentioned, Azure is backed by Microsoft, and so it’s designed to work specifically with Windows hardware and software. 

Following this, if you use a lot of Windows products in your business, you might find that it’s easier to migrate everything if you use Azure instead of AWS.

That said, even though things can be a bit easier with Azure, this platform can still be a bit difficult to work with. Thus, if you’re transferring things to an Azure platform, you might need to invest in Azure DevOps services

Which Platform Will You Choose?

Now that you’ve read this post, you should have a better understanding of the Azure vs AWS debate. 

Of course, migrating your company to the cloud is a lot of work, and it can also be a costly thing to do. Due to this, you shouldn’t rush into things here, and you need to make sure you research everything properly. 

If you don’t do this, you might pick the wrong platform, and you may then have to spend a lot of time and effort fixing things. 

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