Far Cry 6: junk or masterpiece?

Far Cry

Today we are having some exciting news. If you have been waiting for the Far Cry 6 release then you don’t have to do it anymore. The game is available now, so you are free to test this all-new product. But there is one dilemma you must be aware of.

If you follow official teasers and trailers, you’ll see the majority of positive comments and likes instead of dislikes. It seems like customers already love this game. They share their thoughts on the gameplay, and bright graphics, discuss other benefits, recommend each other high-quality VPN online free to access the game from countries with restrictions, etc. But if you move to another platform, for instance, Reddit, then be ready for opposite comments. People complain about different features sparing no effort. Besides, someone even called Far Cry real trash…

That’s why you need to clarify things about this game beforehand. Let’s share with you our independent and fair thoughts on Far Cry. We’ll talk about both advantages and disadvantages of graphics, gameplay, and atmosphere describing both positive and negative sides. This article will help you to understand if Far Cry is trash or a masterpiece.

Advantages of gameplay 

You’ll definitely enjoy Far Cry from this side, even if you have unblocked sites to access the game. It is created for users who want to rest, have fun, and enjoy active playing. Let’s be honest: Far Cry is a fast and easy choice that doesn’t make you concerned and pays all the attention to the story. You wouldn’t experience lots of stress and anxiety because of undecidability and get an opportunity to rest after a long exhausting day. 

The gameplay includes different types of weapons, including improvised firearms, disk throwers, portable rocket launchers, magnetic grenades, bright equipment, etc. The gamer can select the gender of character and locations between mountains, forests, and so on. For this reason, gameplay satisfied us 100%. 

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Disadvantages of gameplay

It seems that Ubisoft is keen on good gameplay, but the price for it is very high: there is no variety at all. Users keep complaining that all releases are similar. Well, if you cook oatmeal for years, then you’ll never be able to make something else. Why Ubisoft can’t differentiate Far Cry 6 – no one knows. But it’s ridiculous you should use well-known schemes in playing, although updates are required. 

At the same time, developers claimed that the new release would differ from previous ones. All fans hoped for it and expected to enjoy something new in the gameplay, but it hadn’t happened. All features are the same, missions are similar, and the general storyline doesn’t change. As a result, we received another copy of the well-known Far Cry 6 PS4. Maybe, it’s not a huge disadvantage, but this fact doesn’t make us happy.

Advantages of graphics 

If someone says that graphics does not mean for a true gamer, then don’t believe this person. All facts prove that an individual wants to enjoy the visual part of life (a real or virtual one). Our brain is focused on visual content and demands to satisfy our expectations. That’s why we start to discuss the newest release with its visual elements. 

Long story short, the graphic performance is great. It is better than the previous release. Gamers will enjoy new animations and locations. In previous releases, we played in the Himalayas and North America – and frankly speaking, we did not like these places much. Such locations are not the most exciting option developers can propose to us. Well, it seems experts from Ubisoft have listened to us and taken the story back to wild nature. Jungles and tropical atmosphere look similar to graphics in Far Cry 3, but this is not a disadvantage at all. Bright, colorful, and realistic graphics will satisfy your expectations. 

We all know that Ubisoft is keen on visual effects, but examples of exposures, reflections on puddles, and ripples on the water are amazing. Such animation dives deep into the gameplay and allows you to enjoy your mission, and play fast and easy while having fun. In general, the quality of graphics has distinctly leveled up. 

red xbox one game controller

Disadvantages of Graphics 

Although the graphics are great, we didn’t see anything new. Let’s be honest: we had seen almost the same good quality of guns and exposures in the previous release. Unfortunately, if you look at the particularities of the characters’ faces, you’ll be a little discouraged. The poor face animation is very noticeable during dialogues (and we have plenty of conversations in Far Cry). 

Many people may disagree and admit that Far Cry 5 didn’t have such a bright animation as the newest Far Cry. Yes, you are partially right. But things may twist you. Don’t forget that the story in the previous release took place in Montana, and the new story takes place in the tropics. This is a reason for visual differences. Montana isn’t a place of colorful landscapes, while a tropical climate means using greens, reds, yellows, and other bright shades. As a result, the graphics seem to be good, but after thinking about it for a while, most gamers will be a little disappointed. 

Advantages of atmosphere

The new release of Far Cry takes place in summer and remains Cuba a lot on the island. There is no confirmation of this legendary island of freedom to be an archetype for this game, but we feel it in the air. The new release will be available on October 7th, so many gamers would be happy to prolong the summer mood. You’ll like it even more if you don’t have vacations this season.

Also, there is no barrier to prevent your satisfaction from the nice atmosphere in this game. You will enjoy all the spectacular details of a sunny summer even without having VPN online free or other useful equipment (but it’s definitely better to have it). 

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Disadvantages of atmosphere 

Although the atmosphere of the Latin world is so passionate and hot, you may be bored as well. Here is the thing: there is no new storyline in the world of Far Cry 6. You’ll see the same characters with the same mottos, problems, desires, and missions. As a result, someone may wonder if this game is worth playing, using extra software to access blocked and unblocked sites, and finally, spending your time on it. 

All these facts mean that you shouldn’t expect any intrigue in the world of Far Cry 6. The atmosphere is spectacular and consuming, but it is also quite ordinary for experienced players. 

A final thought on the new release

In general, Far Cry as a product has always been warmly accepted by gamers. It has plenty of advantages that make us want to go back home from work or college and spend our leisure time with its characters and atmosphere. Of course, this release has not only strong but also weak sides. There are several issues with gameplay, graphics, and atmosphere. But you are the one to decide if you want to play it or not.

We hope you will enjoy Far Cry and appreciate its benefits. In case it doesn’t suit your expectations, you can find another great game!