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Giovanni Matteo Angeli Combines Fitness With Business Performance  


From a young age, Giovanni Matteo Angeli knew that he was going to be extremely successful in the world of business. As an accomplished serial entrepreneur, he owns various companies and heads the business development team of one of the best and largest growing FinTech companies. Gino Matteo Angeli, through his many years honing his craft and education, has had multiple roles spanning considerable industries, making him a leader in the field of innovation regarding software, design, sales, and numerous sectors.

In addition to his many successful ventures, Giovanni Matteo Angeli is an accomplished athlete, playing at the D2 level in Men’s Hockey. Giovanni believes in the importance of physical exercise, as it helps to reduce the amount of stress in his otherwise busy days, while also providing a framework for a healthier body, mind, and spirit.

The Angeli Difference

It is difficult to describe Gino Matteo Angeli in one word, as he has had multiple experiences spanning many industries. As aforementioned, he currently is the Director of Business Development at one of the largest growing FinTech companies in the space, LASER Credit Access. LASER is an independent software vendor and Salesforce partner which develops applications for amalgamating report data of individual and business credits into the Salesforce platform.

This is a novel idea that is used to qualify people for proper access to capital, usually during the lending process. The unique touch that LASER brings to the table is that they have built-in credit attributes which help the Salesforce user make a decision on the approval or denial of the loan, with a much higher degree of accuracy and effectiveness.

Perhaps what brought Angeli to this role was not necessarily his passion for sales and love of business, but he is most proud of his devotion to design. Gino Matteo Angeli is certified as a Salesforce User Experience Designer and works to grow LASER while maintaining and creating new partnerships. This includes liaising, marketing, strategy, branding, and overall leading the sales team.

In addition to being a successful manager at LASER, he goes above and beyond by successfully funding, starting, and running two separate businesses – Chain Networking and Feller Brothers. Feller Brothers is a tree removal service that he runs closely with beloved family members and uses the capital earned from the venture to fund further passion and income projects. Chain Networking focuses on creating sustainable social media applications that prioritize his hyperfocused vigilance in the freelance graphic design and UX/UI space.

Sweat Sculpts the Mind

Angeli does not have much free time while pursuing his many projects, but fervently advocates for physical fitness, not just for himself, but for those around him. Being a D2 athlete in Men’s hockey, Giovanni Matteo continues to train as if he were to play a title game. His intensity for business is only matched by his intensity during his workouts, where he optimizes the health of his body through a strict regimen of dieting and exercise. Angeli is a proponent of the Socratic training method, which states that no one should grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of their own body and what it is capable of.

Physical exercise not only sculpts the body but helps to create a “thick skin” that is necessary for a role in freelance design and business development.

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