HDD Locating Systems: How They Are Beneficial On A Construction Site

HDD Locating Systems

Did you know that there are more than 20 million miles of utility pipes and wires buried beneath the soil of the United States of America? Using an HDD is a vital part of any worksite and construction project that you’ll encounter as a business owner. The locator allows you to work around obstacles that couldn’t be navigated in the past.

The technology might seem difficult to grasp, but an HDD provides a number of notable benefits that you’ll enjoy for your next construction project. The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about how using an HDD at your construction site will keep your employees safe while preventing damage to utilities.

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Quick Installation

Using an HDD will help to speed up the installation process at your worksite because you won’t need to dig down as with traditional digging methods. You’ll spend less time digging and you’ll also save yourself time and effort when it comes to displaced dirt. Your employees will love it because they’ll spend less time reburying the pipes and wires.

Less Expensive

You’ll also find that using an HDD will save your construction business a ton of money on your next construction project. When you’re drilling in a horizontal fashion, you displace much less dirt. You’ll need fewer operators when you’re using a top-notch Digitrak drill and locator. Make sure you click for more.

You can also save money on heavy equipment since the HDD will handle all of the diggings. That means that you won’t need heavy construction equipment like a backhoe at the worksite.

Decreased Disruption

Another big issue that comes with digging on a worksite is the disruption to the soil and landscaping of the homeowners. When you’re using a heavy-duty backhoe, it is a matter of time before the lawn gets destroyed. Having an HDD ready to go will allow you to decrease the disruption to the landscaping and property of homeowners in the area.

More Flexibility

There used to be serious limitations when it came to where you could dig and lay pipe and wires beneath the soil. The HDD entered the picture and changed the ways in which digging could get achieved. Using an HDD will allow you to run pipes and wires beneath roads, driveways, and even rivers.

You’ll also make quick work of digging a path that curves to avoid obstacles thanks to the HDD and antenna. You can lay pipe where it used to be impossible or too expensive in the past. It is a sure way for you to add value when it comes to your next big project.

Get an HDD for Your Construction Business

Getting an HDD is a wise move for a number of reasons, from saving you time and money to decreasing the disruption of lawn and landscape. You’ll be able to dig and lay pipe in places that used to be inaccessible, all while saving yourself time and money. Best of all, your customers will be happy that their lawn is still looking good.

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