How Do 3D Floor Plans Enhance Realtors’ Online Marketing

3d floor plan - Virtual Staging

A 3D floor plan is a digitally created horizontal slice of a building. Previously, before computer graphics revolutionized the market, real estate brokers had to commit a significant amount of time and money to a sale. Marketing materials, professional photography, house makeovers, and home staging are not for everyone. However, thanks to the development of 3D graphics and the high level of skill of 3D artists, the best marketing and presentation materials are now accessible.

What is the 3D floor plan and how can they be useful to agents during real estate advertising?

Unlike traditional two-dimensional drawings, which only show the ground level, a 3D floor plan  is a true three-dimensional graphic that shows the entire structure from above. It can display not only finished walls and floors, but also furniture, decor, and appliances. This way, it gives prospects as much information as 2D floor plans and images combined. Furthermore, a 3D floor plan can show the future appearance of unbuilt or unfurnished houses.

We provide a wide range of services for realtors as professional virtual interior designers, including the construction of 3D real estate blueprints. And in this article, we’ll go over all of the greatest scenarios for employing 3D floor plans in various digital marketing channels. Now, let’s see where you may use 3D property plans to get more deals!

To Make A Professional Real Estate Website:

How realtors list properties on their websites shows how professional they are in the eyes of people who want to buy real estate. A 3D floor plan will complement the 2D drawings, photographs, and text in this case. Because only these allow you to fully understand a location’s layout at a glance. Furthermore, each CG plan might have its virtual furnishings. This will make each property memorable, preventing prospects from feeling lost after looking through a variety of possibilities.

Improving Real Estate Agent Platforms and Apps:

The use of 3D floor plans by real estate brokers has another benefit: it makes them stand out from the crowd in niche marketplaces like mobile applications and websites. A clever computer-generated sketch with a unique perspective on a home will certainly overshadow regular renders and images. As a result, they may sell properties faster than their competitors who do not utilize 3D plans.

Marketing on Social Media and Ads:

To increase brand recognition through social media marketing, you must be precise in your design. In this case, a 3D floor plan is extremely handy. It is possible to create a company’s listings in people’s feeds by using floor plan 3D rendering to create a unique style for all CG photos that will easily recognize a company’s listings in their feed. The visual aspect of this material also makes it more engaging. It’s lifelike and lets you see all the interior details, piquing the attention of anyone looking at the picture to find out more about the deal. This is very useful for realtors when selling a home that isn’t yet finished, is vacant, or needs to be renovated. 

Email Promotion:

One more advantage of 3D floor plans for real estate agents is that they encourage customers to open the emails they send. A good idea is to use a subject line that explains the exciting 3D visual content that recipients will discover when they open the email. It can help to increase response rates. To increase clicks and website visits, real estate professionals should include an educational and visually stunning 3D floor plan in their emails with listing announcements.

Final TakeAway- Implement The Best 3D floor plan

3D floor plan for realtors is most effective when used in the above mentioned scenarios. When using this type of CGI, a real estate expert may attract a lot of attention and interaction from clients. As a result, they can close more sales more quickly. Do you need professional 3D floor planning services to help your listings perform better? VSRG (Virtual staging and Rendering Group) provides more high-quality 3D floor designs than you can dream of! Contact us now for more details!