How Instagram’s API Changes Impact Brands


Social media apps are the best platforms to connect with customers and clients. Every customer is now available on social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram. It makes more sense for businesses to connect with them on such apps where they spend more time than on messages and calls which are usually avoided and ignored by them. 

Instagram is one of the biggest social network apps in the world right now with a surging number of users estimated at around 1.3 Billion users. Business tools such as Instagram API helps businesses to connect with users over the Instagram app using the simplicity of an API program. 

It is very straightforward, professional, and an instant way of getting messages, offers, schemes, business info, and other details across to the customer. It is also one of the fastest means of ensuring that the customer has viewed the messages and promotions that have been sent across to them. 

Instagram API for Brands

Instagram API is one of the widely used business tools today to connect in an enhanced manner with the customer. Instagram API can be installed and run by businesses with ease without having to alter or reprogram their existing business framework. 

These APIs can easily adapt to any software framework and work seamlessly to deliver the best results. The ROI of using an Instagram API is also quite higher than using other platforms such as messaging, calls, and IM. 

Instagram is a unique app that lets the brand communicate using visual cues and hence can be used creatively to connect with the customers in a fun and yet functional way. There are many benefits to using Instagram API by brands in the market today. 

Some of the most important advantages are mentioned below:

1. Creative Platform

Instagram is all about creativity – the more creative the messages are, the better reach for them. Marketing teams and Developers can come up with fun and exciting engagement posts that can be used to send to clients and help them engage with the brand effectively. 

2. Visual Media

Instagram posts and Direct messaging services help in sharing multimedia-based messages with links to the brand’s profile, shopping website, testimonials, and lots of images and videos that can be hyperlinked with the post. This helps users to engage with the brand and even visit the websites, getting more clicks on the website as such. 

3. Cost-effective

Instagram API can be custom-created with Instagram-specific campaigns that can be integrated with API to share messages and posts in a cost-effective manner. Over time, the ROI benefit of using an Instagram API is higher than the marketing team engagement by using a variety of different tools to communicate with the customers.

4. Efficient

Instagram API is a safe, reliable, and efficient way to communicate with customers. The integrated dashboard gives complete data on post engagements, comments, replies, and tags.

5. Automated Messaging

As a brand, create FAQs to communicate with customers with ease using an API, transfer communication to a live agent whenever necessary and help create better interaction with customers using automated messaging, query resolution, and other measures.

These are some of the best features of using Instagram API not to mention the ease with which they can use 3rd party integrations, easy bill payment, and higher ROI and customer engagements through API.