Success story – Irina Proskurina

Irina Proskurina

Why Being an Expert in Different Industries Helps You Become a Successful Multifaceted Entrepreneur: Irina Proskurina’s Story

Irina Proskurina, CEO of E-PR, Abroad.Legal, Founder and CEO of Forma Models 

Success and comfort don’t coexist. To become financially independent and be the one in control of your life, you need to be ready to make sacrifices: read business literature and watch educational webinars instead of another episode of your favorite TV series. Spend a couple of extra working hours instead of sleeping in until 10 a.m. 

On the bright side, it all pays off later. Once you are a successful entrepreneur, you don’t need to beg for an extra day off to celebrate your birthday or save for a year to go on a one-week vacation. That’s exactly why Irina Proskurina strived to become an entrepreneur. After a long and tedious 15 years, Irina has become a multifaceted entrepreneur. She founded a boutique mother modeling agency, Forma Models, is a CEO at E-PR—a PR agency that provides support in building media presence for individuals and brands — and at Abroad.Legal, which helps find occupations abroad.

A World of Opportunities

Irina was brought up in a regular family, where every penny mattered. She didn’t have pocket money, as almost every 90s child, and started to work early. Feeding chickens on a poultry farm, selling beverages in an amusement park, and distributing cosmetics — were some of her occupations. However, employment was a corporate prison, where the only luxury was to return home after a long day. Besides, it left little space for self-improvement. Irina realized that in order to reach financial independence and have a work-life balance, she needed to become an entrepreneur. 

In a whirlpool of opportunities, Irina decided to become a model. In 2009, Irina found a growing point. She wasn’t the only model who struggled to find a modeling agency and build a successful career. In fact, there are thousands of talented women and men who need some guidance to unveil their potential. That’s when she launched Forma Models to help models find occupations and become famous and free at last. 

Polishing Other Facets

Unlike other entrepreneurs who focus on a single industry and prefer the comfort of mundanity over constant learning and development, Irina continued exploring business horizons. Now, she is helping people all over the world to find an occupation across 40 countries. Overall, Abroad.Legal offers more than 100,000 job openings from 10,000+ employers. To facilitate recruitment, the agency helps candidates to make a resume, send it to employers, and even maintain further communication. All this is for a good reason – to change lives for the better by helping to unleash people’s true potential and receive fair pay.

What is more, she is leading a PR agency, E-PR, that publishes content about individuals and brands on 6,000+ media sources across 60 countries. Having a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s of Business Administration in Marketing, Irina applies both disciplines when leading a team of diversified employees to success. The ultimate motto is to help people across different industries to gain the recognition they deserve and boost their personal or business development. 

“I believe that media is power. By spreading the word about talented specialists, high-quality service providers, and products, one can become famous, get a chance to scale a business, and even boost their career. For me, this isn’t only about meeting a lot of new interesting people and learning their stories. It’s also about mutual support we all need today,” says Irina.

Irina aimed to expand the scope of the provided services beyond PR into a fully-fledged digital marketing agency, which it is today. She assembled a team of professionals that offers the following services: 

  • Design and brand identity
  • Advertising and targeting
  • SMM
  • YouTube marketing
  • SEO
  • Wikipedia page and article creation
  • Building Telegram bots and launching Telegram channels

Transitioning Expertise and Networking From Industry To Industry

Today, Irina successfully runs three businesses in three different spheres: fashion & modeling, legal, and PR. She believes that such an approach doesn’t prevent her from losing focus. On the contrary, it benefits business development and growth. For example, marketing requires a lot of creativity, and previous modeling experience sometimes helps to find an efficient and not conventional solution faster. 

At the same time, a lot of networking issues come up in E-PR. Thanks to her extensive  experience, Irina knows the recipe for efficient communication and has a comprehensive network of diverse specialists. Her social skills aid in conducting successful negotiations with both clients and partners, which facilitates and streamlines operations. 

Irina believes that combining hands-on expertise from different industries is an indispensable advantage of a multifaceted entrepreneur. You can never connect the dots until the time is right. But this time will surely come when your connections from one sphere will help you find a prompt solution in another.