The Ultimate Guide to Buy the Best Earrings.

Best Earrings

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Types of earrings.

Accessorize with earrings to complement your outfit and show off your best features. Consider things like your lifestyle or hairstyle before making a decision. 


It is an earring type with a bauble set or gemstone attached to a metal that has a backing lock for support. It is usually small, subtle, and doesn’t droop down from the ear. 


It is an earring that is round and large. You can choose between patterned and smooth hoop earrings. 


It has a stud that extends to form a dangling part. It makes the earring appear longer with the stability of a stud.


It is a simple design that is a little bit lengthy. It is stationary and hangs down below the earlobes. 

Ear climbers.

It is the newest trend in the jewelry world. The earring climbs from the earlobes upwards. 


It comprises several gems or stones clustered together. It is available as a stud or with a slight drop. 


It is a dangling earring with the shape of a chandelier. It shows femininity and elegance. It is believed to be the most luxurious of all the earrings. 


It has a thin piece of metal attached to the piercing and extends to both sides of the earlobe.

Types of earring fasteners.

Post backs.

It helps to fasten dangling earrings, jacket earrings, and stud earrings. It is common. 

Lever backs.

Mostly used with dangle and drop earrings. It is a secure and durable option for earrings. Once the wire goes through the piercing, the hinges of the earring snap into place.

Fish hooks.

It has hook-shaped wires that go through the piercing. It is mostly used with drop or dangling earrings. 

Latch back.

It is commonly used with hoop earrings. It has a hinge that secures the earring by snapping back once the wire enters the earlobe. 

Factors to consider when buying earrings.

1. Material.

The earring material should be of high quality to prevent skin irritation. Always ensure to buy stainless steel earring backs. 

2. Style.

Ensure your earrings matches your outfit.

3. Lifestyle.

 If you do lots of manual labor or constantly move around, dangling earrings are not ideal for you. 

4. The shape of your face.

The earring pattern that you choose should complement your facial structure. Dangling earrings will reduce the sharpness of diamond faces. Angular earrings will elongate a round face. Drop earrings will emphasize the contours on an oval face. 

5. Buy in sets.

Look for a set that comes in the same design with multiple colors or different patterns on the same type of earrings.


Earrings are one of the best accessories to use to complement your outfit. To choose an elegant earring, familiarize yourself with the various types of earrings available in the market. Lever backs, latch backs, fish hooks, and post backs are the various types of earring fasteners. When looking for earrings, you should consider lifestyle, style, material, buying in sets, and face shape.