Tips for Buying and Choosing Fresh Lobsters

Fresh Lobsters

Freshness is among the first considerations you should consider when buying seafood. Who’d want to eat spoiled seafood and risk food poisoning?

Like any other type of seafood, lobsters are in demand in the market. Americans love these crustaceans so much, and its biggest supplier comes from Maine

Clawed lobsters are the most popular type of lobster. However, it’s not enough to know just the types when buying. If you’re planning to eat lobsters right now or in the coming days, here’s a list of tips you need to keep in mind to ensure their freshness from store to table.

It Should be Alive

A great indicator of the lobster’s freshness is its life. On top of that, you’d also want to check if they’re healthy. Their claws should not slump down to the side. You’ll know it’s in proper condition when it moves and shakes its claws. Consider choosing lobsters with long antennae for a savory taste.

Soft Shells vs. Hard Shells

What type of lobster meat do you want to eat, soft or hard? The shells will give you an idea of how lobsters would taste like. Those with softer shells have a sweeter and tender taste. Hard-shelled lobsters have firmer meat, accounting for their meatier taste. Either way, your preferences win with this one. If you want easy-to-crack shells, go for the soft-shelled lobsters. 

Look at Fat Content

Fresh lobsters directly from the ocean contain higher fat content. A significant amount of fat content guarantees lobsters’ ideal quality and taste. If you can dedicate time to fishing on nearby seas, you’re in luck because you’d have fresh lobsters to feast upon.

Opting for Tails

Whole lobsters could be expensive. You can save money by getting only the tails. It’s something that even most chefs do. 

You can find tails from clawless rock lobsters, which are inexpensive. Note that you should check if it’s firm to touch and doesn’t smell too much ammonia. A strong ammonia smell can indicate spoiled lobster meat.

Consider Seasonal Availability

The best kinds of lobsters are the ones that come directly from natural waters. However, it can be hard to have one when you don’t live nearby waters or stores that locally supply it. If this is the case, then shipping is the option to take.

When choosing the shipping option, you must ensure that the lobsters you buy are in season. You can buy during the peak seasons between late June and December.

Ask Whether it’s Frozen or Not

Fresh lobsters from natural waters are the best quality, but frozen ones are not bad. Again, it’s your preference that plays the most part here. 

Don’t hesitate to ask the supplier if the lobster you’re eyeing is fresh or frozen. Frozen ones are nearly identical in taste to fresh lobsters, especially if the freezing process is done right. 

Have Fresh Lobsters to Your Heart’s Content

If you’re a first-time lobster eater, having this guide helps you make an informed buying decision. Satisfy that lobster or any seafood cravings with Lobster Anywhere. Eat to your heart’s content and savor the freshness within!