Top 3 Signs You Need Aircraft Repair.

Aircraft Repair

Every part of your aircraft needs to work together to get you in the air and keep you there. So, when your components break down, you need to get your damaged aircraft repaired as fast as possible. Aircraft repair is not something to skimp on.

Making sure your aircraft is fly-worthy is priority number one for every pilot. Doing your pre-flight checks and inspections are literal lifesavers. During your checks, there are certain things you need to look for.

What are the major signs you need aircraft repair? What three things should be the first things you check on your aircraft? Read on for the top three signs you require aircraft repair, ASAP!

1. Component Wear

The components that make up your aircraft wear out over time. Especially with the moving parts that make up your engine, landing gear, and propellers, if your plane has them. Problems such as no lubrication and normal wear and tear are things you need to watch carefully.

Making sure your components have proper lubrication can increase the life of your parts, but never get complacent about them. Check them before and after every flight to make sure you don’t have a broken aircraft.

Make sure you have spare parts for emergencies. If you have spares, you can keep ahead of the most damage. You can learn more here about repairing your damaged aircraft and keeping spare parts.

2. Cracks & Leaks

When your parts develop cracks, repairing your aircraft is a top priority! When your engine cracks, it means your engine turned brittle. Once that happens, you’ll start to overheat and lose fluids.

Leaks come with several risks for your aircraft. Aside from the loss of fluids, contamination issues can come up. Contamination can lead to costlier damage over time, like corroding the seals in your engine.

When your fluids get contaminated, things like your lubricant can start to dry up or corrode parts. If the lubricant is compromised, your parts can wear down faster than they should. Always keep an eye on your lubricants and other fluids!

3. Corrosion

Components like your engine, are not supposed to corrode or rust. If you find corrosion or rust, it means water and air are getting where they aren’t supposed to. This could be a sign of something far more serious.

Replacing that part, or the entire engine is something that needs to be done as fast as possible. Leaks can contribute to rust and corrosion problems with your engine and other parts. Contamination issues lead to corrosion in parts that are not made to corrode.

Keeping an eye on this is important, as corrosion is one of the biggest threats to your aircraft. Always check your aircraft for rust and corrosion before and after each flight. Get the whole thing checked over at the first sign of rust or corrosion.

You Need Aircraft Repair

Aircraft repair takes time and care after each flight. Making sure your aircraft doesn’t have leaks and cracks, corrosion, or wear is a constant job for a pilot. Keeping on top of these problems can stop bigger issues from cropping up later on.

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