Why Should You Use Aluminium Gates?

Use Aluminium Gates

Aluminium is extremely light in comparison to other materials, with a density of 0.3 g/cm3. It’s three times lighter than iron, for example. Many individuals prefer heavy metal gates for security, but aluminium’s lighter weight frequently makes it the ideal option for many homes.

Impressive strength

Aluminium gates are highly versatile, providing exceptional compressive, tensile, yield, and impact strength. Although it isn’t as strong as steel, it does have anti-corrosion qualities that allow it to endure longer while not becoming brittle over winter. Unlike many other metals, aluminium can be repeatedly melted down and reworked without losing its mechanical properties

 Elegant designs

Aluminium is also more flexible and lightweight, allowing for more complex, beautiful, or artistic designs. It’s also worth noting that lightness implies fixtures and hinges don’t have to support a lot of weight, so automatic gates with less motor power are safer to operate.

You may also add finishing to your aluminium railing with the procedure, and aluminium is well-known for providing a high-quality surface finish. Whether you want a bright colour, or a textured wood-effect finish to match your home’s architectural style, aluminium will provide you with a variety of choices.

Simpler Installation

The low weight design also makes it easier to handle, so installations are generally much smoother than steel or iron. Joints are also more likely to perform better over a longer period.


Most aluminium gates are available for a similar price as wooden gates, however aluminium is recognized to last longer, so you’ll probably save lots of money over time.

Weather Resistant

Even in industrial environments that corrode other metals, aluminium is highly resistant to weathering. As a result, aluminium gates may be considerably more severe during bad weather.

Low Maintenance

You don’t have to paint or re-stain aluminium gates if they’ve been powder coated during the manufacturing process, which is typical for many designs. The paint is effectively bonded to the metal surface, so frequent maintenance is not required, and wiping it down with a wet cloth may make it appear nice and clean.

Bespoke Designs

If you can’t locate a suitable aluminium gate, one may be constructed especially for you. Aluminium is an excellent choice for manual and automatic gates, and it can accommodate complicated patterns well.

If you need assistance choosing the right gate for your driveway, garden, or side passage, our knowledgeable staff is here to assist. With a concentration on residential applications, we can help you locate the ideal gates at a reasonable price – all with delivery direct to your doorstep.

If you would like a quote based on the full details of your aluminium gates requirements, please contact Stargate UK.

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