5 Reasons Why You Should Rent Video Production Equipment

Rent Video Production Equipment

If you’re planning to shoot a video, short film, or low-budget feature on a budget, one of the most expensive items on your budget will be the equipment you’ll use to shoot the movie. 

Cameras, lenses, and audio equipment — not to mention supplementary gear like gimbals, tripods, and dollies — are all costly. However, if you want your film to look and sound great and have a chance of being selected for a film festival, this sort of equipment is critical.

Video equipment rental is probably the most cost-effective option for keeping costs down while maintaining quality.

Here are five reasons why you should rent your video production equipment rather than buy it outright.

Simply stated, if you want to compete with the pros, you’ll need to employ the same type of professional gear they do. Cinema cameras like the Canon C100 and Sony and RED cameras are rather costly. Especially for shorter film projects, being able to hire these cameras and lenses for several weeks rather than having to budget for a whole purchase enables you to use top-of-the-line equipment for a fraction of the cost.

Video equipment rental offers the best bang for your buck.

You’ve already heard about affordability, but it can’t be overstated. You’ll do much better by renting your camera equipment and lenses rather than buying them for personal use unless you shoot and produce films on a yearly basis.

Beyond the math and calendar factors that explain why renting your video equipment is a smarter investment, it’s also worth noting that new cameras and lenses are introduced every year. This means that if you buy equipment today, it will be outdated in a few years, making rental gear even more appealing.

Video equipment rental often comes with support.

If you’re concerned about not knowing how to use the equipment you’ve rented, most rental organizations can provide expert instruction and tutorials on how to utilize it. This implies that even if you’re taking a chance by renting a camera that you don’t know anything about, you’ll get the support you need to produce a fantastic movie.

Video equipment rental doesn’t force you to sacrifice quality.

You’ll have to make some concessions if you buy your video equipment totally. Budget being the main sticking point, whether that means sacrificing quality on your lighting equipment, avoiding an extra lens that would be beneficial for certain shots but is prohibitively expensive, or picking a less-expensive camera, you’ll have to give up on some really excellent options if you want to stay within budget.

Because of this, going to a rental house might enable you to acquire the proper equipment without losing any desired or required accessories. One of the most significant advantages of utilizing hire gear is that you can get what you need without compromising.

Video equipment rental gives you flexibility.

Whether you’re renting camera equipment for three days or 90 days, you’ll have much more choice when you rent from a website like Pro Motion Hire rather than purchasing it outright. This is especially significant since using equipment such as dollies or camera stabilizers. You don’t need to own a dolly for each day of production on set, so renting one for the days you need it makes sense rather than buying one and wasting ten time as much money.

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