Countryside wedding inspirations

Outdoor weddings

Outdoor weddings have a somewhat unfair reputation, as lots of people assume that they’re difficult to pull off. But the reality is that if you plan your celebrations in advance and turn to various sources for inspiration, you can have a memorable countryside wedding that your family, friends, and other guests will simply love. From checking out venues to settling on the perfect centrepieces, here are four countryside wedding inspirations you can’t afford to ignore if you’re getting married in the great outdoors. 

Fairytale forests 

There’s something dreamy about furniture in a forest, and this setting undoubtedly lends itself to the creation of a truly magical wedding day. Surrounding yourself with trees is advantageous, and you can opt for draping canopies and hanging fairy lights, which are perfect for creating that fairytale wedding day that you’ve always dreamed about. Consider cleaning up the forest floor with vintage rugs that are endlessly chic, which is a time-saving and aesthetically-pleasing detail that will elevate the setting. Wedding guests will look stunning in dip hem dresses, as they provide a classic silhouette with a modern twist and are ideal for forest weddings. Finishing touches like sheepskins and candle centrepieces will ensure your forest wedding is memorable for all the right reasons. 

Breezy beaches 

Another ideal setting for your big day is your favourite beach spot. When you think of a beachfront wedding, your mind immediately turns to the floral archway in front of the ocean. You can also add a wavy organic aisle that follows the natural contours of the sand, and linen drapes and monochrome flowers can make a big difference to the day. Your bridesmaids will look stunning in champagne and nude dresses, which is a complementary colour scheme for any beach wedding. Make sure you provide your guests with a dugout fireplace, so they can settle into a long and balmy evening by the beach when the celebrations die down.

Romantic lakes 

Few things can compete with the romantic nature of lakefront weddings. Factor in a wooden dock or railings, and this timeless wedding venue provides a classic Bridgerton-era feel when you exchange your vows. Some people go a step further and hold the reception on a boat, which is a great way to add a unique twist to what will already be a memorable occasion. Be it a sleek yacht or an intimate, wood-panelled barge, hosting your wedding reception on a boat will be memorable for all the right reasons. 

Rustic countryside 

Last but not least, you might be in love with the idea of saying “I do” in the natural countryside surrounding your home. Whether it’s a gorgeous garden or the rolling hills of the quaint British countryside, the natural world presents a wonderful canvas on which to plan your wedding day. We love outdoor dining tables in rustic wood and wildflower centrepieces to bring an organic feel to the overall design. A chic option is to upcycle glass bottles to use as vases, while a minimal white marquee is a perfect way to keep the weather at bay. For something extra special, consider an embellished wedding dress when getting married in the countryside, as it’s a dreamy choice for the perfect day. 

Although people often think that outdoor weddings are difficult to pull off, the above inspiration shows that with some careful planning, you can prepare for a stunning wedding day in the great outdoors.