How to Find the Best Air Purifier Fit For Your Home?

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Australia is home to multiple metropolitan cities in the middle of vast nature tracks. If you live in the concrete jungle, there are high chances that you’ll be dealing with pollution.

One solution for this is getting an air purifier. Whether you live in the city or a rural area, you can never go wrong with an air purifier.

But how can you choose the best air purifier Australia? Use this buying guide to know-how. 

Identify the Types of Pollutants You Need to Target

First, you have to determine what types of pollutants are in the air. If you experience severe allergies or suffer from a respiratory condition, know what types of allergens or pollutants trigger your symptoms.

Is it dry and dusty? Is your home in the city like Sydney’s central business district or near a highway? Are you concerned about paint fumes and odours that come into your new home?

It is essential to know what type of pollutants you want to cleanse the air. Therefore, this will become your primary consideration when choosing an air purifier.

Different air purifiers have different types and feature other parts. Therefore, it would be best to purchase the one that targets most of your concerns.

Choose the Right Filter Technologies

Once you know the type of pollen you want to target, you must choose an air purifier with the right filter technologies. There are several types of filter technologies to choose from:

  • Pre-Filters. These filters are used to remove bigger dust particles still suspended in the air. These include hair, fur, and lint. Pre-filters can also remove pollutants when combined with carbon, antimicrobial, or oxidizing agents.

A good air purifier will feature a removable pre-filter for easy cleaning. The pre-filter will also prolong the life and performance of the primary filters in the air purifier.

  • HEPA Filter. A HEPA filter can remove tinier particles than pre-filters. They can remove mould spores, dust, fine pet hair, pollen, smoke particles, dust mites, etc.

HEPA filters are one of the most trusted devices for air filters. Most air purifiers use this type of filter as a primary filter.

  • Activated Carbon Filter. A filter with activated carbon can disperse chemical fumes, gases, smoke odours, aerosol vapours, and light cooking odours. However, this type of filter is inefficient for micro debris like pollen and dust.

Modern innovations develop more filter types. However, those mentioned above are the most common filters used in air purifiers.

Determine Your Room Size

The air purifier you choose should also depend on the size of the room you put it in. You can determine an air purifier’s capacity by checking the rating in its description.

If you are unsure about the air purifier’s size, just ensure that the air purifier can cover at least one-third of the total room size.

Check the Noise Levels

It is also essential to check the noise levels on the air purifier. You might be planning to place the cleaner in the bedroom, which might cause more disturbance than relaxation.

Regardless if you intend to place it in the bedroom, the air purifier you choose should be quiet when operational. You don’t want it to be noticeably noisy, even when placed in a common area.

When you live in Australia, an air purifier in your home is necessary. If you’re looking to purchase the best air purifier Australia, use this guide to help you make your purchase.