Indians Use these Five, Trustworthy, Safe, and Easy-to-Use Apps to Buy Cryptos

Buy Cryptos

You must consider three aspects when using cryptocurrency apps. One is security. Note that digital currencies are nearly impossible to trace. 

The second is to keep track of real-time data. Cryptocurrency marketplaces are volatile. Therefore, prices, and information, keep fluctuating. 

The third is to ensure that your app operates in your country.

The following five crypto apps are splendid for trading in India.


Binance is excessively popular as a global crypto exchange. Even its app is splendid. 

Its designers have ensured that beginners, like you, feel comfortable with it. Even the user interface is easy to tackle. 

You may fearlessly purchase/sell cryptocurrencies. The app records your trading history. Therefore, you will always remain up-to-date with your actions. You may also explore your crypto holdings. 

Binance offers a vast array of cryptocurrencies. As you gain experience, you may engage in other operations. The app offers market orders, stop-limit, and limit orders.

The organization has recently granted permission for purchasing Bitcoins through credit cards.


This app was not so famous earlier. However, after Binance purchased it, Wazir X acquired quite a reputation. Many consider it to be the best app for dealing with digital currencies in India. 

You are welcome to choose your favorites from among 100+ cryptocurrencies. Use them for experimenting with spot trading. Just ensure that you keep your deals simple. 

The app displays a simple interface. You should find it very friendly and supportive.

Unique features are an integral part of this app. They include orders linked to Stop-Limit, Trading View, and Chart Trading. Everything works beautifully on both, IOS, and Android.

With WazirX, withdrawing or depositing virtual funds is spontaneous. Able assistants, such as P2P, UPI, and IMPS, are always available. 

Should you wish to refer others, you may do so. You will receive a commission of 20% for every referral. This is the highest rate amongst cryptocurrency exchanges. 

WazirX also boasts of a high liquidity rate.


The cryptocurrency marketplace is unstable! Price can rise anytime. No one knows when it will rise and when it will fall. Therefore, the CoinDCX app is apt for a beginner. 

The app will not prevent you from purchasing/selling digital currencies. However, it sets limitations on high spending. Therefore, you may even begin with just INR 100. Great spends (above INR 10,000) require approval from CoinDCX Official. However, KYC process is mandatory. 

Low spending should not worry you, for you do not wish to lose too much. Additionally, there are plenty of cryptocurrencies for you to play with! Treat each one as a novelty!

The user interface is an interactive one. This serves to produce a sense of security within you. 


It rates amongst the oldest apps for trading in cryptocurrencies. It came into being when India was still getting used to investing in Bitcoin. There was another cryptocurrency too, then. 

The design of this app is perfect for Android phones. The user interface is uncomplicated. It is also free of unnecessary clutter. Therefore, both, beginners, and experts love it! 

After obtaining the app, you must hand over your phone number. It is important to complete the KYC procedure too. Try for a Pro membership, when you are more confident. It will enable you to access premium charting tools. These tools appear on a web interface. However, everything fits into a single screen. Therefore, you should have no issues with anything.

CoinSwitch Kuber

Begin investing with a minimum of INR 100, when you step into the cryptocurrency arena. There are over 100 digital currencies waiting for you. Some of them are Ripple, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. You may expand your field, after gaining a little experience. 

Like all other beginner apps, CoinSwitch Kuber’s user interface is also splendidly easy to tackle.

Even banks support this app. Therefore, they permit immediate withdrawals and deposits. However, you will have to wait for approval of your KYC, before investing and trading. After approval, you will receive notifications of your fund limits too. You can check for more info.

In case you run into difficulties, contact the customer support team. They are on standby 24 x 7 x 365. 

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