Is Positive Social Media Possible?

Social Media

Be it product marketing or simply staying connected with friends & family, social media has truly proved to be a powerful platform in all ways. More than 3 billion people around the world use a myriad of social media platforms for a plethora of purposes. It gives people an opportunity to access a multitude of products & services. It has a lot of positive influence on people, right from acquiring jobs to staging one’s talent.

Positive Effects of Social Media on Youth

Today’s young generation is entirely comfortable using the latest digital technology that also includes social media like Bemeli. The main purpose of every social media platform is to enable people to socialize, irrespective of distance or any other barriers. Young people tend to use social media to share their experiences and also to make new friends. 

They also get to learn a lot as these platforms carry a lot more information about anything & everything. Also, the use of social media stimulates the production of oxytocin which acts as a stress buster by making you feel happy. Young people when rewarded with likes & positive comments for their pictures or videos, it encourage them to reach greater heights and also help in maintaining positive mental health. 

Positive Effects of Social Media on Society

Social media does have a huge positive impact on our society. One can easily find like-minded people and make new friends on social media platforms. You can join a community where you may feel valued & accepted. 

It also helps in nurturing existing relationships like family or friends who live far away. You can share photos, send messages, host video chats, etc., to keep in touch. This level of connectedness is truly an advantage that social media offers to our society. 

Individuals with talent can directly showcase their talent & performance to a larger audience. It helps them build confidence, quickly spread positive messages, and also gain good communication skills. There are many individuals who have grown to enormous heights as their talent reaches out to millions of people regularly. 

Social media can also be used to raise awareness about a cause or to support any. You can also join groups that interest you; you may also find people in your niche. You can engage in groups for specific kinds of hobbies where you can discuss and share your ideas and also learn from others.

News about any part of the world will spread just like wildfire on social media platforms. It will help society to be in tune with what is happening around the world. People even find their lost things through posting about them on social media platforms. 

Also, it majorly helps to build a business by promoting the product offerings online. It is said to be an excellent plan to do branding & marketing activities.

Positive Effects of Social Media on Students

Social media also proffers educational benefits as children get access to watch videos, read blogs, etc. Social networking sites also enable them to discuss their assignment topics as it provides a base for their research. With social media, we are no longer bound by physical distance or geographical borders. 

Teenagers get an opportunity to easily communicate with people from other countries & also get the experience of getting exposure to wider ideas from different cultures. Students get access to educational videos, online notes, e-books and they can also learn a course via an online platform. Also, students can engage in blogs so that they can improve their writing skills.

Unlike before, students are more connected with everyone in their circle. Social media helps in boosting creative skills in students by allowing them to learn from global resources and also enabling them to execute the same. Through data and information gathering online, students can boost their academic performance. 

Today, it is quite not possible to get a job without a sound knowledge of computer technologies. Social media platforms help students to learn innovative technologies. 


1. Can social media be positive?

Yes, social media does have a positive influence on our society, youth and students in all ways.

2. What are the positives of using social media?

Social media users get access to every type of information they need and also it helps them to stay connected with their friends & family with no barrier of distance.