M&E Building Services Validation

M&E Building Services

Intrusive Validation surveys help to reveal underlying problems that would go unnoticed with a visual survey. Our experienced Validation team may conduct performance, condition, and capacity evaluations, informing design while also assisting in risk management and repair planning.

Clients often need comprehensive and detailed invasive validation surveys that may help predict the life expectancy of plants and systems. The isolation of mechanical plant and electrical circuits for detailed inspections/tests is typically part of our M&E surveys.

Pipework condition can be evaluated by endoscopic inspection or an offsite metallurgist’s examination, boiler efficiency and operation, chiller efficiency and operation, temperature and humidity monitoring, water quality testing, Electrical Test and Inspection, Low Voltage Panel inspections, busbar testing, fire alarm assessment (including cause and effect), lighting level (including emergency).

Survey Reports

Following any intrusive survey, we provide independent reports to cover the findings. These reports normally cover the following items

  • A detailed description of the facility’s facilities and systems.
  • A brief explanation of any evidence that may be presented to show the most pressing concerns and flaws.
  • Limitations and roadblocks that limit the inspection’s coverage
  • Close-up pictures of flaws with labels indicating their issues.
  • A clear summary that provides the ability to prioritise remedial actions
  • If any of the above recommendations need further evaluation,
  • A comprehensive list of accessible and non-accessible areas is provided.
  • All of the appendices are included, as well as test scores and sketch highlights

The benefits of Intrusive M&E Surveys:

  • To inspect machinery and electrical systems, advise on the condition and suitability for continued usage, and life expectancy.
  • Identify any significant flaws that would have a negative influence on the building services’ performance.
  • To assist in prioritizing and suggesting maintenance actions, as well as to identify critical spares.
  • Outside the scope of the condition survey, perform intensive inspections.

How ECS Can Help?

ECS engineers can validate existing air and water installations, producing an extensively detailed report on the current performance, highlighting any shortcomings or defects, and make the necessary retesting and re-commissioning recommendations. If you want to learn more about M&E Surveys, why not give them a call today

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