The Perfect Wall Art For Your Bathroom

Wall Art For Your Bathroom

If you’re here then you’re probably wondering, ‘what should I put on my beautiful bathroom walls?’

Well, firstly you do not want to have valuable artwork in any place where there is a high likelihood of it being damaged. So keep it away from swinging doors, windows etc. You should also consider that no matter how well-ventilated your bathroom is, you can’t always prevent the build-up of warm steam while you’re in the shower for long periods of time. Often this kind of environment isn’t the kindest towards artwork and moisture has the potential to get trapped under framed glass very easily.   

Canvas Artwork

In most cases though, it is fine to display some canvas wall art prints in your bathroom, just try and place this artwork away from all the steam and humidity. I.e Keep them away from the bath or shower and they will last much longer. Open a window or turn on a ventilation fan while in the shower. We would recommend scrolling through Pinterest for some good inspiration and then pinning your favourites to a mood board so you can find them again at a later date.

We ask you to fight the urge and steer clear from the basic live, laugh, love poster designs as they have become a little bit tacky since their release a number of years ago and try something way more modern, abstract and stylish.

If you have a bathtub, you could place the artwork above the tub in order to frame the room and have it as the main centre of attention, a focal point for the room. If you are to do this,

then make sure you choose a smooth, calming abstract piece that will help you to relax while you are soaking in the water. In this case, it’s important to leave enough room in between the bathtub and your artwork to ensure no splashing water can come into contact with your beautiful prints.

Funny Wall Art

Tasteful, humorous art often fits perfectly in bathrooms for one reason or another. Whether this is scripted typography or old-school graphics we advocate it all. Canvas or paint are usually both okay to hang in the bathroom and add further protection you can add a protective varnish, this always helps.

Etsy Artwork

If you are after original retro artwork then look no further than Esty, they have a little something for everyone. Plants like cactus often look nice and edgy in bathrooms however, if this isn’t feasible then you could always consider a botanical eucalyptus flowery artwork. Make sure you choose one that is fairly monochrome and minimalistic, you want something that almost blends smoothly into the room. 

Collections Of Three

Abstract print sets of 3 look best on a wide open clean white or beige wall, spread across next to one another. The rule of 3 works better than you’d expect here and can provide stunning results to transform a space quickly. We recommend looking at artistic marble patterns, or vibrant abstract tonal colours and shades to start. Once again, you can find many of these options easily on Etsy for a very affordable price point. when you have three similar pieces of artwork next to one another, it can give the room a lovely modern elegance about it that makes the room feel balanced. So simple yet effective.

Monochrome Blueprint Artwork

Decorate your bathroom with a framed or unframed blueprint map of any location that means something personal to you, perhaps where you first met your partner, your first home, or a favourite holiday location – the world is your oyster, literally. You could throw a dart at a map and choose there even. There is something quite beautiful about this kind of print, I think again it’s the simplicity and minimalism of it all.

Modern Illustrated Artwork

Illustration allows storytellers to be completely expressive. It is a graphical representation or depiction made by an artist such as a drawing, sketch, charcoal, watercolour or painting and sometimes it is a photorealistic illustration, these are the types of illustrations that we advocate the most. However, particularly monochrome, charcoal-based artworks seem to fill the space perfectly. They implement those neutral colours that blend in perfectly and effortlessly with the light colours and textures of your walls.


Your bathtub is where you come to chill out after a long, sometimes stressful day at work. It’s a place that fills you with warm feelings of comfort and it should calm you down before you sleep. Make sure the artwork that you choose reflects this sentiment, make sure above all else that you choose pieces of art that make you smile on a daily basis because that is what we call great wall art. Remember you can always change your mind about prints and even rotate them around the seasons to give your bathroom a new fresh look each quarter.